Paris Attacks: An Islamic Perspective by Sh. Karim Abu Zaid

Comforting sermon by respected Sh. Karim Abu Zaid :

Imam Karim Abu Zaid is the director of religious affairs at Al-Minhaal Academy in South Jersey.  He is a Qur’an memoriser Hafiz Al-Qur’an.

(May Allah protects him)

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  1. Brilliant and intelligent scholar. May Allah protect him. I like when he keeps challenging Christians especially in their Church to open any page of the Quran randomly and he will recite it from his brain without looking the text for them to see. They could not.

    He is one of the living proof of the miracle of God from Islam. He said Moses splitting red seas, Jesus raising the dead, Daniel in the belly of the whale etc. are all not seen by us right now. He argues and insists the memorisation of the Quran is seen today as a miracle of the Quran.

    May be Christians can bring someone who memorised the Greek NT. Most Christians including their scholars cannot read the Greek NT even with open text i.e. looking at the text. No religion on this surface of the earth has got its followers memorised the Quran.

    Every Muslims has memorised some part of the Quran from the beginning till today. Even Paul Williams, an English French who converted to Islam only a few years ago has memorised some parts of the Quran. This makes changes to the Quran impossible.

    An English man who hears someone reciting the same verse he memorised will question the reciter on why he is reciting something different.

    The reciter may tell him he is reciting a different dialect like

    Alaihim can be Alaihum

    Malik can be Maaalik

    People who learn the dialects know the dialect and we hear the different dialects in Mosques and Quran recitations. That is why Muslims quickly identified the mistakes of others and reported the matter for the control and making official copies to the Muslim states at that time.

    This Imam knows all the dialects by heart.

    Most Christians cannot read the Lords prayer in Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic but Paul Williams and/or any Portuguese, Chines, Korean etc. Muslims can read Fatiha and Ikhlas, Nasr etc. in their memory and in Arabic and that is the preservation of the Quran and a miracle.

    In conclusion, Muslims are not allowed to kill civilians the Imam firmly emphasised.


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  2. Yes brother, this aspect is one of the most obvious miraculous aspect of the Qur’an. We should be grateful we have dedicated Da’ee like Imam Karim, inviting people to true Salvation. May Allah protects  him.

    One of other aspect of the Qur’an which I personally interested in is its astonishingly coherence and unity in its contents.

    For a scholarly  yet easy to read introductory for this aspect I recommend you to read the following book:

    raymond farrin qur'an text

    Raymond Farrin is professor of Arabic at the American University of Kuwait. He studied Arabic in Cairo and received a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. He is author of Abundance from the Desert: Classical Arabic Poetry (Syracuse UP, 2011).

    For years he studied the Qur’anic text and noticed strikingly coherence form perfectly supports its meaning. The five main points, as he has studied:

    all point to God: The beginning calls on Him, the ending seeks refuge in Him, the middles of the two systems are oriented to the place of His manifestation on earth, and the center is oriented to Him above. Correspondences are numerous and dense, to be sure, but overall they follow a single concentric plan. Parallels and symmetries throughout underscore a greater unity. Every formal element refers to the One God.





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