Remarkable nature: Mechanical gears in jumping insects

Previously believed to be only man-made, a natural example of a functioning gear mechanism has been discovered in a common insect – the plant-hopper Issus – showing that ‘evolution’ developed interlocking cogs long before we did.


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  1. ‘Amazing’
    ‘Why’ ‘the’ ‘quotes’ ‘around’ evolution?


  2. So would you enclose all scientific words with quotes? ‘electron’, ‘plate tectonics’, ‘DNA’ etc etc.
    And why not go the whole hog? ‘traffic jam’, ‘sneeze’, ‘dusk’ ?


  3. As an interested layman, I note that the current scientific consensus favours the theory of evolution by natural selection as the best explanation of the observed diversity of species and their history as revealed in the fossil record. This theory is falsifiable (unlike the God hypothesis) and that is how I prefer my explanations about the natural world.
    You say “all events occur by the power of God” which explains everything and therefore explains nothing. Such an explanation is outside science and is in the realm of unprovable beliefs. So you ought to have prefixed your statement with “I believe that..”


    • Oh you are one of those mocking atheist types who believes that something can come out of nothing.

      Science is hardly concerned with all of reality just the bit we humans can observe.

      God is the simplest, most elegant and most convincing hypothesis to explain why the created order exists.

      Atheism proves nothing

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  4. Apologies if my tone is mocking – not intended!
    You are correct – science ultimately has to be empirically verifiable. Questions of ultimate origin are (currently) in the realm of metaphysics. The God hypothesis is one metaphysical belief, naturalism is another.


  5. God is a much more probable explanation of life, the universe, and everything than naturalism which is self refuting.


  6. “probable explanation of …” is not certainty. So you should say “I believe that all events occur by the power of God” given that you have agreed you can’t be certain.


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