Where the hell did China get the idea that it was OK to extraordinarily render someone without even a trial?!?

Would you like a cast iron, globally recognisable definition of the word hypocrisy? I thought you might. Here it is:

The Washington Post reports today,

BEIJING — China’s campaign against dissent is going global.

Amid extraordinary moves to rein in criticism at home, Chinese security personnel are reaching confidently across borders, targeting Chinese and foreign citizens who dare to challenge the Communist Party line, in what one Western diplomat has called the “worst crackdown since Tiananmen Square.”

A string of incidents, including abductions from Thailand and Hong Kong, forced repatriations and the televised “confessions” of two Swedish citizens, has crossed a new red line, according to diplomats in Beijing. Yet many foreign governments seem unwilling or unable to intervene, their public response limited to mild protests.

And then the US government grandly protests:

The U.S. State Department expressed “concern” about the confessions and the use of “extra-legal means” to bring foreign nationals to China. And the German Foreign Ministry voiced “really serious” concern that Britain and Sweden had either not been granted access to their citizens or were granted access only after an “unacceptable delay.”

“This is clearly and undoubtedly not in accordance with the international obligations of the People’s Republic of China with regard to the Vienna Conventions,” spokesman Martin Shaefer said Friday, referring to a 1963 international accord on consular relations.


Like I said: a cast iron, globally recognisable definition of the word hypocrisy.

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