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  1. To all

    If you take English translation of Islamic literature, be it Quran, Hadith, tafsir etc. you will have different translation based on how the translator understand it. Muslims stressed on learning and mastering the Arabic language and also interpret their literature in light of the Arabic but not English or any language.

    The translators always agree that their translations of Islamic literature to other languages is not perfect and can never be perfect but it has to be done to help non-classical Arab speakers to at least know something about Islam but with questions to scholars to re explain the interpretation for them.

    Muslims read the Quran in Arabic and various languages everyday, but they also attend tafsirs and compare explanations of the classical Arabic.

    On the Christian side, it is good for their scholars to be very Good in Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, Greek and English to be speaking fluent Greek to explain things to us like how every Muslim scholar on the surface of the earth is fluent in Arabic and classical Arabic.

    So, In conclusion, David Wood is really embarrassing himself by not quoting the Islamic words in Arabic but rather English and think he has refuted or ridiculed Islam. David Wood is really fooling himself and Dr. White will not take him serious because Dr. James White believes the Arabic words must be mentioned and explained before having a proper translation, explanation and tafsir.

    So, to be able to be a credible interpreter of Islamic literature, one must attend Islamic Institution with qualification to do that.

    On the other hand we need Christians scholars who can speak fluent Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin and English to be offering tafsir of Christianity as Muslim scholars are doing every day since from the time of our prophet and by our prophet himself.

    For example, this Muslim scholar who has memorised the entire Quran with some hadith has over whelmed the Christian scholar with pronouncing the real Arabic and the Christian is embarrassed for not able to speak fluent Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin.

    Be good in the language of the scripture before you can interpret it and draw conclusions. David Wood, using interpretation of Arabic for your attack on Islam is making a fool of your self as no Muslim takes the translation of their literature seriously. Some Christians like yourself knows the various translations is not the best way to draw conclusion except the Arabic and Dr. James White agree with that.



  2. Mr Wood is no different from other silly missionaries.

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  3. Doesn’t the message of God transcend languages?


  4. David is still peddling this nonesense???

    If he spent just a small amount of the time he does on attacking Islam (and Muslims) to actually learn more in depth knowledge he might get somewhere.

    Perhaps Dave is so blinded by the light of St Shamoun (according to Nabeel anyway which still boggles the mind) that he cannot see the clearing for the trees


  5. St Shamoun the patron saint of GEDs!!!!!!!!!


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