I bumped into Nabeel Qureshi today

During my visit to Speakers Corner this afternoon I bumped into the American missionary Nabeel Qureshi who is currently studying in the UK. I took the opportunity to say hello and ask him about an issue that has been poisoning Muslim/Christian relations for a number of years now: the behaviour of fellow American missionary Sam Shamoun. This person, as readers will know, has a shocking history of bullying, vilification and extremist hate speech against Muslims. His Islamophobic remarks against Dr Shabir Ally are the most recent examples. Shamoun’s been banned many times from this blog yet he sneaks back in under different email addresses. But it is easy to spot him from his behaviour.

I know of a number of Christians who have been cruelly abused by Shamoun. I will spare their modesty by not mentioning their names.

But something else bothers me: the apparent lack of public condemnation or rebuke from other Christian evangelists. I’m told that James White has said a thing or two about Shamoun a few years ago. But overall the silence has been deafening.


So I asked Qureshi why this was. He told me that some people have had a private word with him. But, I objected, if Christians do not at the very least disassociate themselves from him, it will be seen as tacit approval of his behaviour.

At this point Qureshi said something astonishing: Sam Shamoun, he said, has a “good heart” and has a “loving heart” towards Muslims. Incredulous, I said this was like telling Jews that Hitler, despite appearances to the contrary, really had a loving heart towards the Jews!

Qurshi looked ill at easy at my comparison and reiterated what a good Christian Shamoun was and how he had nothing but a loving heart towards the Muslims.

Flabbergasted by this monumental delusion, I said to Qureashi that in the light of Shamoun’s well known hate speech towards Muslims I thought what he had just said was simply “horseshit”. Offended, he complained that if I was going to use such a profanity he would not speak to me any further and off he went. He was clearly also agitated by the presence of a Muslim who was filming our conversation a few feet away.

So I am sad to report that it appears the Christians really think Shamoun is a rather saintly Christian character. What do we ungrateful Muslims have to complain of?

Never has the gulf been wider between two faith communities. Never has delusion been so rife.



This screen print is taken from Calling Christians. Does it demonstrate “the loving heart” that Nabeel thinks Shamoun has for Christians?

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 23.49.39

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  1. If only Shamoun had used the term “horseshit, ” perhaps then Nabeel would have immediately come out with a condemnation. Far more abusive terms which are frequently used by Shamoun seem not to bother Nabeel much!

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  2. Enjoy as you get exposed again for all to see! Now what was that about bullying, vilifying, hating people on the level of the Nazis? Classic case of projection. BTW, please give the link where I supposedly said those things about Shabir Ally. You won’t be able to because it doesn’t exist. This is the level that you Muhammadans will sink to in order to slander people who are exposing your religion for what it truly is. So keep up the great work of helping us in attaining our objectives!


  3. P.P.S. the Muslims also forged a comment from me where I supposedly said some nasty things about Ally. I have challenged them to produce the link where we can find my alleged comments for all to see. This isn’t the only time that Muslims have forged emails to make people look bad: http://www.answering-christianity.com/apology_to_brother_jalal_abualrub.htm

    This again exemplifies the spirit that influences these men, the same spirit that created Islam.


  4. Hi Sam,

    You denied to me that Gilchrist ever spoke ill of you, in that email thread I received a direct quote. None of the Christians in South Africa denied the veracity of that email or of its quotes. In fact, you were condemned in that very thread.

    You insisted at one point that White himself never rebuked you….yet everyone here has read that email as well.

    You insist we fabricate things about you…..but in the face of emails that your brothers in Christ accept as truthful, who are you to say otherwise?

    Are you going to tell everyone here about the homosexual bearing your name in your family? Sam Gabriel, in a relationship with Paul. There are lots of things you wish to deny…..but there are lots of ways to bring your shameless behaviour into public.

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  5. Hi Sam,

    Please note, Sam Shamoun is trying to debate Dr. Ally, so he does not want his quotes being circulated. In fact, I have witnessed myself Sam asking Muslims on YouTube comments to beg Shabir Ally on his behalf for a debate.

    Let us not forget that this is the same man that referred to Jonathan McLatchie as an undercover Muslim and blocked him on Facebook for siding with Dr. Shabir on the Gundry issue? Something today he denies, but something which Jonathan himself told people about? I have dates…conversations…..screenshots….everything.

    Let us not forget, that Sam is the same man (?) that denied a debate challenge to me was sent by his Pastor, in which money was offered to me to debate him. He said I lied about that, but when I shared the email the Pastor sent….Sam shut right up.

    So Sam, as John 8 says, you are like your father.

    Please give Sam Gabriel and his homosexual partner Paul, my regards. I know that while you publicly condemn homosexuality, in your own family you not only tolerate it, but M. Gabriel openly supports that relationship. Do you want me to mention more about this? I am willing.

    Why insist that others lie about you, when in your own family people have come forth to us Muslims, bearing testimony about your two-faced, hypocritical, devious nature? You’re quite fortunate I think of you so lowly as to not waste my time on. Just imagine what information I could release if I cared to shame you for the sick, perverted individual you are.

    If you insist on claiming the quote is false. Then, I have no option but to release the emails with quotes that the other South African Christians forwarded – in good will to me. I will certainly make Gilchrist’s and White’s rebuking of you public. Mind your manners, child.


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  6. Qureshi and Shamoun. One is an educated piece of shit. The other’s an uneducated piece of shit. If Qureshi condemns Shamoun, then the kingdom of shit will be divided.

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  7. Hope that discussion is on video. I got a PM alerting me to Nabeel’s presence there. TBH I wouldn’t have hot-footed it over to central London just for him in any case.

    Should have asked about David’s dress sense 🙂

    On a serious note, this type of activism can only help in bringing more folk to the realisation of toxic elements within certain communities. I’m pretty sure most of them, including Nabeel, suspect there’s more at play than just a bad attitude.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Zakir Hussain debate him whilst he’s in the UK. Nabeel really struggles in debates, he seems to be going down the route of specialising in emotional lectures for RZIM

    PS Nabeel looks like he could do with an extra coat and some chap stick for his lips.

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  8. you failed the test Sam. Now tell me who is Sam Gabriel?

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  9. I wonder what Sam Gabriel has to tell us about Sam Shamoun….


    Test me Sam. Test me.

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  10. On a different tone, Nabeel looks quite tired. Me thinks fatherhood is taking its toll. Hope all is good with him and his family.

    As I said in the last comment, didn’t go through…I hope there’s some video of these conversations. Well done to all for bringing this up with him. It’s great to see this type of activism branch into the real world and not just remain stranded on the net. If I get time I hope to do some real life activism in raising awareness of the growing problem of Islamophobia in UK churches and evangelical organisations


  11. Williams,

    This is a perfect example of why Christians such as McLatchie and Tony Costa have blacklisted Ijaz and will never deal with him. He is the most vile of all the Muhammadans, and the most deceitful and slanderous. He is also a stalker who has nothing better to do in life but to stalk people and their families. And you guys still condone his behavior? Now what was that about Christians condemning me when you have such a repulsive, deceitful, reprehensible character that rivals that of ISIS? Truly repulsive.

    Sam Gabriel is my wife’s first cousin who shares in your lifestyle. Only a truly mentally and emotionally demented individual could think that this is at all similar to your situation. Sam is not a committed Christian, nor is he an apologist. And yet you think you are an apologist for Islam, which means that this child is comparing apples and pineapples.

    As far as Gilchrist is concerned, let Ijaz share that email here for all to see since I want to read for myself. And let him post a link where I said those things to Ally. Moreover, Ijaz fails to mention that I have all the email exchanges where Yusuf Ismail’s attempt to black list me imploded on his and Ijaz’s faces, since I sent the Christians all the nasty, vile comments that Yusuf sent to me and made against David Wood. As one emailer wrote:

    I think you, off all the people (including Christians), on this discussion list should know me better.

    I did mention that you “demanded” to end these discussions, and also why I could not resist but respond.

    I have no hidden agenda or any motive to embarrass you. I could have done that long ago if I wanted to.

    You started this whole discussion about Sam knowing that you are guilty of same (or did you momentarly forget).

    Those on this dicussion list may or may not have known about your use of the word bastard. It would appear by the support you getting they didn’t.

    Further you continue to use language
    that is unsavoury. I just recently cautioned you about this. You apologised.

    I’m not siding Sam, I’m not condoning his actions.

    I’m concerned “the pot is calling the kettle black” and the old adage “People living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.”

    Beautifully put!

    Now practice what you preach and ban this repulsive troll since he does great damage against your cause of trying to dupe people into thinking that Islam is a beautiful religion which produces transformed lives.

    FYI, let me share with you some of the Muslims that I have tremendous love and respect for, and do a fabulous job of making Islam look good, unlike you and your cronies. Muhammad al-Yaqoub, Hamza Yusuf, Umar Farooq Abdullah, Yasir Qadhi, just to name a few. I am amazed at their knowledge and approach.

    So that should silence your boldfaced lie that I hate Muslims. I just don’t like Muslim polemicsist like Ijaz who are so vile and nasty. And inspite of all your lies and slander, I still like you for some reason.


  12. Yahya Snow – sorry but wordpress loves to randomly send some of your comments to spam! No idea why


  13. Lol Paul, no worries. Spam detectors have a keen interest in me, says something about my comments. Actually I think I know what it is, I have a habit of using a load of fullstops consecutively in between thoughts

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  14. Another thing Yahya Snow –

    I apologise for deciding to let through comments by Sam Shamoun who is choosing to call himself ‘Yahya is Slime!’, but even the name he comments under proves my point about his ‘shocking history of bullying, vilification and extremist hate speech against Muslims’. A sick individual.


  15. No worries Paul.

    I’m not engaging him in this thread and I’ve noticed he does it on other threads where there’s no link to me. I personally feel showing composure in the face of that type of abuse goes a long way in proving a few points.

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  16. Hi Sam.

    It’s a shame that Sam calls people stalkers, when he’s previously attempted to speak of my parents, while attributing lies to them, in response for asking him about David’s abuse of his father. So why cry wolf now that when you target others, they are able to speak about your family? Again, pot calling the kettle black.

    It is a shame that here you choose to condemn Sam Gabriel, who is your namesake, when M. Gabriel supports his lifestyle. Why don’t you tell us what Sam Gabriel has to say about you? It’s very interesting that you once took to task our Br. Paul, but fail to have your own house in order. It seems as if you prefer stalking Br. Paul, than dealing with the issues in your own home. Let’s not forget that you have resorted to begging for donations because of your behaviour and relationship with others, MG now has to maintain the household on your behalf. Things are deteriorating for you badly and you don’t seem to recognize that you are the problem.

    As for this comment:

    “Moreover, Ijaz fails to mention that I have all the email exchanges where Yusuf Ismail’s attempt to black list me imploded on his and Ijaz’s faces, since I sent the Christians all the nasty, vile comments that Yusuf sent to me and made against David Wood. As one emailer wrote:”

    This is quite a candid admission, because in that very email thread, the comments from Gilchrist are posted. So either it is the Christians did not forward you the entire thread, or you’ve been duped by your own friends! In fact, Pastor Bobby in that very email thread said about you….:

    “I’m not siding Sam, I’m not condoning his actions.”

    Even he is not willing to stand for your actions. It should be noted though, that Pastor Bobby through you, brought up a 10 year old email to discredit Br. Yusuf, which I must admit backfired greatly, as others were shocked that one email with one bad word from a decade ago, was equal in weight with your perverted, uncouth, comments. Pastor Bobby did condemn you in that same email which you failed to post:

    “Hi Yusuf

    I do not condone the vularity of Mr Sam Shamoun. This is definitely not Chris like behaviour and especially one who wants to spread the Gospel message of salvation to others ( and especially Muslims).

    I am pleased that You brought this our attention. ”

    It seems as if they didn’t send you the entire thread, they had some more interesting things to say about you. Especially in regard to Dr. White’s email about you.

    As for your personal insults about me, I don’t mind, as Pastor Bobby and others have said, you do not possess Christ-like behaviour, but you certainly are a Christian.


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  17. As a side note, Sam, you should be thanking me.

    Jonathan could not afford his debates in South Africa, on his behalf the Muslims have had to send out an email requesting donations to pay for the debate. So yes, while Jonathan is afraid of challenging me, he still depends on my money for his debates.

    If you want, I can pull the funding and say it’s because of you. Would be a shame to see what would happen then. The same way Jonathan because of you has been blacklisted in the UK. Not even Zakir Hussain is willing to speak with him. Up to a week ago on Monday Jonathan was begging for him to do an event with him. Heck, because of you, Jonathan had to beg the brothers in Newcastle not to take him as a racist, you should have seen his face when they mentioned his debate performance with Dr. Ally!

    All this talk about blacklisting is so fun! Everyone’s blacklisted you, and now Jonathan has to go to Africa to debate…..and he isn’t even getting a headliner to co-debate in the event. Even so, he’s depending on our donations to do so. I am everything you want me to be, and more. Sweet dreams.



  18. What a timely post. She hits it on the nail and pretty much calls you out for your hypocrisy. Now do the honorable thing and publicly condemn this vile character,

    “Oh come off it Paul. Paul Williams is that apologist who associates himself with the likes of Ijaz Ahmad and others who I have run into on FB. They all join the same groups and they all act like rabid wolves. One of them, who I won’t name, because he has passed away ( he was a contributor to “Calling christians”) was very foul mouthed and liked to steal your profile pictures and manipulate them into less then flattering, and sometimes even obscene, and post them on their group walls swarming with muslims to humiliate you when they couldn’t win in a debate. ( they particularly like to do this with women because I am only one of many ). The fact that Paul Williams is offended is laughable. Get outta here.”


  19. Sam Is a true Christian and many here do not know is that while incarcerated as a troubled young man he almost converted to Islam. But God so loved him as he still does and saw him seeking the true salvation. Some might think Sam is a hater or not a true Christian. What I say is seek the light rather than your pride. Your pride will and can condemn you to hell. Sam loves all as any Christian does whose drive is for the zeal of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. When Christ turned the tables upside down in Juresalem because those looked to profit from the sabbath He was more concerned for the Fathers word and commandment and was filled with that passion to speak the proof be it even with emotion. The Holy Spririt works in Sam not for Sam but for the sinner to turn their way. That same spirit challenges Islam and its claims and literally dissects it to show it for what it is….Seek and ye shall find Matthew 7:7 praise be to the Lord who bears our daily burdens psalms 68:19. Question your beliefs and if those beliefs point you to the direction of decet or violence or pride than you have to ask even more questions about this Christ who taught love, decency, humbling, and bought true peace to those who live by his word.


  20. God bless Nabeel! This man had to make a difficult decision between the true calling in salvation and his family and even though it is a no brainier to choose salvation over anything to be deserted by your family because you turned to Christ is a tough and endurable journey. Nabeel, Gof blessed you and still blessed you…stay strong my brother in Christ and do not mix yourself up in prideful foolish arguments. The eye is on the prize and that prize is to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


  21. Shamoun was Banned, Wasn’t he? he is back again, I have to ignore his inane comments.

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  22. “Sam Shamoun, he said, has a “good heart” and has a “loving heart” towards Muslims.”

    These empty, shallow lying claims all of the time. They are just fooling themselves.

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  23. You see what I mean about Ijaz being a stalker who is dying for people to view him as a respectable Muslim and credible apologist. Sadly for him, all the Christian apologists see him for the wicked, repulsive human character he is, which is why he is blacklisted. Moreover, the email I posted here UNEDITED (unlike Ijaz’s forgeries and deceptive misquotations) was letting Yusuf Ismail know that he doesn’t condone any type of vulgarity from anyone, even from me, in order to make the point of his being a vile hypocrite who has no audacity to complain about the conduct of others. Pay careful attention:

    “Those on this dicussion list may or may not have known about your use of the word bastard. It would appear by the support you getting they didn’t.

    “Further you continue to use language that is unsavoury. I just recently cautioned you about this. You apologised.”

    “I’m concerned ‘the pot is calling the kettle black’ and the old adage ‘People living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones’.

    Indeed. Ijaz’s Islamic glass house has come imploding down on his face and Yusuf’s! But again, leave it to Ijaz to not see the point.

    Once again, let him post Gilchrist’s email for all to see. That shouldn’t be so hard now should it?

    Anyway, time for you to be consistent and do the honest thing of publicly condemning this vile, deceitful slander and stalker for lying, slandering, and forging statements all for Allah and his profit. He did it here again, by falsely accusing “M” of condoning his lifestyle when “M” is sitting right next to me, repulsed by this lying agent of Satan. So this is another slanderous lie which I am going to post for all to see.

    Fact is that Sam and “M” are not close at all since they haven’t been contact with each other FOR YEARS, apart from the few FB posts that they have commented on. Again, what does Sam’s lifestyle have to do with yours Williams, when he is NOT a committed bible believing Christian, nor is he an apologist who runs a blog? You see how low and repulsive this guy is?

    Anyway, I am thru giving this stalker the attention he dies for, and will allow to give him what he craves, since his days as a serious Muslim apologist have long been over, which must be eating him inside. Just ask his daddy.

    By by Williams. Nice chatting with you.


  24. By by Williams. Nice chatting with you.

    Seems to me someone begging so that he won’t get banned. ONCE AGAIN! I can be wrong, but that’s what it SOUNDS like to me.

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  25. Hi Sam,

    I have no interest in people viewing me as anything to be honest. As Br. Paul, and Br. Eric, and Br. Yahya will gladly inform you, I mostly just ghost write and help others do their research. Funny enough, you yourself have responded to several of my writings published on other websites which do not carry my name. Unlike you, I really do not like being in the public eye, or in plastering my name and image everywhere. I do not have a website or a Facebook page (do not confuse with personal profile) advertising my name or my picture, I mostly just stay in the background and assist others. So while I can understand you’re trying to attack me, it really isn’t sensible given our contrasting public portfolios.

    As for the e-mail you copy-pasted, I am openly calling you a liar in this regard. You have copy-pasted an email several days after, that has nothing to do with Pastor Bobby’s condemnation of you. Please read Pastor Bobby’s e-mail as given here and note the date:

    “Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 4:09 PM
    Hi Yusuf

    I do not condone the vularity of Mr Sam Shamoun. This is definitely not Chris like behaviour and especially one who wants to spread the Gospel message of salvation to others ( and especially Muslims).

    I am pleased that You brought this our attention.

    The call from You to Christians must need follow biblical procedure ane process just as Muslims have the Sharia law.

    I am aware that Dr James White as written to Mr Shaumon and I’m not aware of his response. Dr James can not directly impose any sanctions on Mr Shamoun. Only the church that he fellowships can do that.

    I will have to check and follow up with this.

    Just this morning I cautioned You of making degoratory statements against a Christian. You did apologise though and I accept.

    Yusuf let the name of the person be confidential between the two of us.

    Kind Regards
    Pastor Bobby Freddy
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device”

    Thus, as can be seen, Pastor Bobby did not reference Br. Yusuf’s use of a single bad word, over a decade ago towards you. He was fully condemning you. It should be noted that you are either purposely lying, or honestly were given the wrong e-mails. In my judgment, I know that you are lying because you copy-pasted an e-mail from several days (a week) later, conflating it with the e-mail in which Pastor Bobby condemned you for your vulgar and unChristlike behaviour. You can’t even use a fellow Christian’s words honestly, have you no shame?

    Your insistence on wanting to see Gilchrist’s comments indicates to me that you didn’t get the full e-mails. I’ll post it in my own time, as I would Dr. White’s as well. It isn’t hard to do so, but just as I waited to use Wood’s e-mail about ABN, all your e-mails have a time to be used. I still remember how frantic Wood and Jonathan were when that quote was published, it was hilarious to be honest. When I mentioned I had that e-mail, Jonathan claimed I was lying, and when I published it, he shut up pretty quickly as well. I even had to send it to his inbox because the poor sap was left out of the loop by his own friends! Quite a few people on this site can testify to that.

    I’m glad that M is sitting next to you, but your denial does not constitute a proof of anything. If anything, she should be repulsed by the homosexuals she works with, you know, the job that pays your bills? As everyone here can clearly see, I was quite honest regarding the homosexual lifestyles in your family, and you confessed to it. You should note, that claiming something is a slanderous lie, doesn’t make it a slanderous lie. As far as I am aware, since some of your family members have duly reached out to us Muslims with concern for your behaviour, I can assure you that she has quite a personal interest in his homosexual lifestyle. God willing, you will one day find out.

    As for why I raised the issue of this homosexual in your family, it’s quite clear as stated above that you are throwing stones while standing in a glass house. Your own family is rampant with homosexuality and the very bread you eat is from money earned by working in a salon with homosexuals. You say one thing in public, but live off another in private. I am merely bringing to light your hypocrisy, Sam. You dare have your minions steal someone’s personal photos from Facebook and begin a campaign of slander, but once the tables are turned, look how quickly you reduce yourself to rage infused posts with insults. Don’t like the tables being turned, yeah? Well, sorry bud, it’s only going to get worse from here.

    As someone who has been blacklisted for over 7 years now, someone that no Muslim speaker is willing to share a platform with, I think you’re very much out of your bounds here. Since I began writing and debating, you’ve been repeating yourself: you’re a kid, no one takes you seriously, etc, etc. You repeat yourself so much, that you believe your own delusion. As I said, we should compare our recent e-mails. Wonder what White’s last e-mail was to me, in comparison to yours? The fact remains, that no one cares for you as a “debater” Sam. Now you’ve dragged Johnny into the mud and he’s been blacklisted as well and is depending on Muslim donations for the debates we’re hosting in South Africa. He can’t even find a debate to be done in the UK – all because of his association with you.

    In the end, I may be a nobody, but thank God I am not a Sam Shamoun.


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  26. Eli Jonah

    What is a true Christian in your eyes? Is this a person who believes in the Trinity?

    If that is part a criterion to be a true follower of Christ then we must ask ourselves, did Jesus teach this idea? What about Paul too, he seems to teach against that doctrine in 1 Cor 8:6 where he teaches the father is the only God. In 1 Cor 11:3 he teaches God is in authority over Jesus p

    There’s a lot of good material on this blog for a Christian to look at imo, please do hae a look around. I understand there may be a few Christians coming over from social media posts linking to this post but let’s remember there’s more to life than defending or casually reading about Nabeel, Sam or other characters in apologetics.


  27. Also, to those who are coming over as supporters of David Wood. Perhaps you gave money to David Wood to write a few books on Islam 2-3 years ago. As far as I know, no books were produced. I’ve documented this in the hope some of you may ask questions about this as it does not seem like the most ethical thing to do


  28. This is great Williams! Or Paul as I used to know you. I really must come to Speakers Corner sometime – when do you normally go?


  29. Paul

    I think I have to comment on this now. Thank you very much and other Muslims at speakers corner for sacking away Nabeel Quraish who do not speak Arabic, no basic Islamic qualification and has no basic understanding Islam to tell his lies there. He knows by seeing you and other Muslims it is not a ripe place for him to tell his lies as he usually does about Islam.

    Thank you very much and you will not know the reward you will get until Allah says this is your reward.



  30. Why do people rely on “Ex-Muslims” who have no credibility within the Muslim community to speak on their behalf and that of the religion itself?


    This may help answer those questions….


  31. Patrice

    Thank you for that link. We and I mean all Muslims feel like vomiting when we see the likes of Irshad Manji, Aayan Ali and the rest who do not have single qualification in Islam and in most cases do not understand classical Arabic or Arabic in general saying they are representing us and the evil CNN, Fox, Bill Maher, Bill Oriely etc. will say they represent Islam.

    It is Satan that influence those media not to call Hamza Yusuf, Tim Winter, Imam John Ederer, Imam Joe Bradford, Imam Suhaib Webb, etc. who have spent years and years in Islamic Universities, institutions and learnt Islam from various prominent Islamic scholars and some of them have memorised the Quran, Some
    hadith and know the Arabic to the extent of White American teaching some Arabs Arabic.

    All the above and many more are against violence and have quoted verses to refute violence but Fox, CNN and the rest will not call them.

    This is a question by the writer

    All of these so-called Muslim “reformers” are not accepted by most of the Muslim American community, yet media and government present them as authentic and authoritative Muslim voices. So why, with so many other credible, authentic, respected Muslim Americans they could choose to speak on Islam and extremism, do the government and media continue to rely on this small handful of anti-Muslim zealots?

    My answer.

    It is satanic inspire Fox, CNN, Bill Oriely, Bill Maher to intentionally left out those who spent years learning Islam and instead preferred those who have zero(0) years learning about Islam.



  32. Intellect

    To be fair to CNN they have had Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi on quite a few times and he has written a very popular work refuting ISIS called well “Refuting ISIS” its selling like hot cakes which must surely anger Ayaan Hirsi Ali since he didn’t have to fabricate anything or lie through his teeth to get there.



    but sadly we have same problem sometimes when oafs like Anjem Choudhary are on spewing their vile nonesense for all the world to see.


  33. Patrice

    Thanks. CNN is trying to be unbiased but they are biased and if you compare the number of times Aayan, Manji, Anjem etc. appears on CNN to this Shaykh, you will realize their bias. This shaykh might be good but an American sheikh like Hamza Yusuf, Imam John Ederer, Joe Bradford etc. with American dialect will be able to convince the Americans and the world that Islam is not violence considering the number of years they spent studying Islam.

    CNN will interview both Palestinian and Israeli rivals and Wolf Blitzer who is a Zionist will conclude “Israel will not accept rockets on its people” but will not say “Palestinians will not accept the continued settlement on their land.

    An extremist Jew will burn a sleeping Palestinian home and kill people including a child but CNN will not report it but will be on air for 2 or more days reporting on a shooting by a Palestinian gun man bringing Israeli politicians, analyst etc.

    CNN is biased to Muslims and Palestinians but they are trying to be not biased. I watch CNN but never saw this Sheikh may be he came late night with Christian Armanpour.




  1. Sensational rebuke by Dr James White of Sam Shamoun’s offensive behaviour & call for him to apologize – Blogging Theology

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