A Christian View of Prophet Muhammad

(Published on 25 Feb 2016)

Dr Craig Considine asks:

Is Prophet Muhammad worthy of admiration among Christians? I believe he is. His central concern was to lead mankind on the “right path.” By right path, I mean justice, mercy, compassion, love, tranquility, and peace. For these reasons, I elevate him to “prophet status.”

This short video/documentary that I made is based on my recent Huffington Post article titled “Why a Christian Can View Muhammad as a Prophet“.

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  1. My question would be..Why am I shocked at some of the behaviour and violence of Muhammad found in the hadith and traditions, yet Muslims don’t even blink an eye? Is it really moral to marry a 6 yr old girl? Is it moral to allow Muslims to have sex with Married Slave Girls? Come on Muslims, grow up and get real..


  2. Out of interest Craig are you similarly shocked by the violence in the Bible, for example when God orders the genocide of women, children, and babies in 1 Samuel 15?

    In your theology this was Jesus slaughtering children no? There is nothing remotely like that in the Qur’an or hadith.

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  3. To me Dr. Considine is cherry picking.

    “His central concern was to lead mankind on the “right path.””
    The right path is first and foremost tawhid. La illah illa Llah. Same message brought Isa ibn Maryam (as).

    Then, second, based on that solid foundation comes “justice, mercy, compassion, love, tranquility, and peace.”

    You can’t accept a Prophet and not realize his message.

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  4. Craig is yet another example of the hypocrisy and self-righteousness that many Christians exhibit. They criticize Muhammad (pbuh) for fighting against his enemies yet defend the brutality that is rampant in the Bible.

    By the way Craig, have you ever thought about how old Mary was when she married Joseph? Think about it. You might be surprised!


  5. “right path” = Jesus – “I am The way
    (The only path, the only right path to God and eternal life),

    the Truth

    (the only truth, with His spoken and written Word as the Truth about Who He is – John 17:17 = Thy Word is Truth = complete unity of the Father’s Word and Jesus’ Word – the written Word is the only way we can know who He is),

    and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by Me.” (John 14:6)


  6. Muhammad may have sincerely thought he was trying to lead to the right path, but he was sincerely wrong.

    If Jesus of the NT is the only way and the only truth and the only life, then there are no other right paths.


  7. Dr Considine reminds me of a vicar I spoke to a few years ago, he believed Prophet Muhammad was a Prophet too p. I didn’t delve into the thinking of the vicar at that time but I wish I had asked how so as he was still a serving vicar at that time as far as I know.

    I would like to see Dr Considine to sit down with somebody like Hamza Yusuf, I think I can see where he is coming from when he says he doesn’t believe God would limit off ‘prophets’ after Prophet Muhammad p using his definition of ‘prophet’. DON’T get me wrong, I believe Prophet Muhammad p to be last the messenger (Prophet) of /god but using Dr Considine’s definition I and looking into our Islamic tradition we know there will be reformers in every age (not Prophets but rather influential people trying to call people back to the Sirat al Mustaqim, the straight path).

    We also know the Mahdi will be an inspired figure and Prophet Jesus p upon his return will be inspired too.

    Surely God inspired people to advance technology to aid people and the medicine and pharmaceutical industry. These things were all through the will of God. God can use anybody to further humanity and stand for justice.

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  8. Craig Mcdonald,

    Hi I hope you’re well

    Prophet Muhammad’s p marriage with Aisha was in line with the way Jewish marraiges were conducted during the time of Jesus – see the work of Geza Vermes on that. The betrothal would occur and then upon athat biological sign the lady would go and live with her husband, the biological sign was puberty. In fact, the Bible teaches the minimum age of consent is puberty according to one Christian apologist on the net. Here’s a snip from a blog post you may be interested in:

    We have already seen Ezekiel 16 being used as a proof text by a Christian apologist to show the Biblical age of consent is puberty:

    …Your breasts were formed and your hair grew, you who were naked and bare. 8 ” ‘Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love… [taken from Ezekiel 16]
    See here for more information on this see:

    Scholar Nisan Rubin writes:
    “Grooms could marry at the age of 18-20 (or older) with a young girl, twelve years old, who had “reached puberty.”… The ideal was to marry off girls while still minors, since they constituted an economic burden…” (Rubin, N. (2008). Time and Life Cycle in Talmud and Midrash. Brighton, Massachusetts: Academic Studies Press. p. 16)

    Young girls were usually betrothed as soon as they became women. It was believed they reached puberty at about twelve or twelve and a half.” (Deiss, L. (1996). Joseph, Mary, Jesus (Madeleine Beaumont, trans.). Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press. p. 25)

    “The women normally married as soon as they were physically able to bear children, which the Law defined as twelve and a half years of age. (Zanzig, T. (1999). Jesus of History, Christ of Faith. Terrace Heights, Winona: Saint Mary’s Press, Christian Brothers Publication. p. 89)

    Craig, you also mentioned having sex with married slave girls, this seems to be permitted in the Bible, upon capturing a woman she’s allowed a mourning period and then her captor can marry her. See Deut 21:10-14

    10 When you go to war against your enemies and the Lord your God delivers them into your hands and you take captives, 11 if you notice among the captives a beautiful woman and are attracted to her, you may take her as your wife. 12 Bring her into your home and have her shave her head, trim her nails 13 and put aside the clothes she was wearing when captured. After she has lived in your house and mourned her father and mother for a full month, then you may go to her and be her husband and she shall be your wife. 14 If you are not pleased with her, let her go wherever she wishes. You must not sell her or treat her as a slave, since you have dishonored her.

    Craig, Prophet Muhammad p came to preach pure Abrahamic monotheism. This is the vehicle to allow one to love God with all their might and all their heart. Wordhipping God alone. Are you on Abrahamic monotheism?


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  9. As far as I remember, Aisha said in one of her hadith’s that she preferred to play with her dolls but when Mohammed came into the room she knew he wanted sex and she put her dolls away. Yes Joseph did the same with Mary but this was the culture at the time. Thankfully we’ve moved on from child abuse!


  10. Origen Adam,

    Which hadith are you referring to? Was it this one?

    Narrated ‘Aisha: I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah’s Apostle used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me.

    Maybe you should double check your sources next time.


  11. Ken Temple

    You said;
    “right path” = Jesus – “I am The way
    (The only path, the only right path to God and eternal life),

    the Truth

    (the only truth, with His spoken and written Word as the Truth about Who He is – John 17:17 = Thy Word is Truth = complete unity of the Father’s Word and Jesus’ Word – the written Word is the only way we can know who He is),

    and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by Me.” (John 14:6)

    I say;
    What are you talking about? That is your wishful thinking. Prophet Moses, Abraham, Noah and the rest never believed Jesus alone is the right path. They believed at their time they are the right path. Ken I praised you a lot but it seems you do not use your intellect at all.

    Where did Moses said to his followers they should worship Jesus? Moses brought Ten commandment to his people from God and there is no where that states Jesus is the path or Jesus is the way. Jesus is the way at his time and Solomon is the way at his time.

    You do not use your intellect. madmanna is using his intellect and God will guide him and all those who want the truth to the right path.



  12. Yahya Snow

    I don’t really think you answered Craigs objections with regards to Islam and whether or not these actions either happened or are considered to be morally objectionable considering Muhammads exalted status as a role model for all of humanity.

    Instead you just asserted that the same things existed in the Bible and in first century Jewish culture. My questions are does that make it right for Muhammad to do the same? and how does the example of Joseph and Mary impact the moral fabric of Christians throughout the centuries? I’ve certainly never heard a Christian site the Evangelion of James as justification of having a child bride?

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  13. Patrice

    Who determines who a child bride is? Almighty God or US constitution? Islam and Jewish law is clear when a girl reaches puberty, then she is qualified to marry and that is the law prophet Mohammed and all prophets followed.

    Google and you will see Kings of England and so many Westerners marrying young ladies before 1800’s. They might not reach puberty at that time. Islam and Jewish standards clearly set standards of puberty and that is God’s law. Most Western countries started to implement their laws and decide the age they consider to be legal or illegal in the late 1800’s.

    Before then, in the West one could marry any age he wants and a certain King of England is noted for marrying very young girls.

    In the 1900’s till today some states still have lesser age than others.

    Christians do marry young ladies before the western age limit. Now Christians like Warren Jeff marry young children citing the Bible. He is in Jail now. There are more Christians marrying young ladies citing the Bible and more Christians marrying a lot of women citing the Bible.

    Every religion has some of its followers committing crime in the name of their religion if a little research is made.



  14. Intellect

    “Who determines who a child bride is? Almighty God or US constitution?”

    I’m sorry but this is a gross over simplification of why people have a problem with Muhammads marriage to Aisha or why people by extension think that an adult should not have a sexual/romantic relationship with a minor. The reason to put it simply is due to the childs lack of maturity to comprehend complex relationships as well as the psychological and physical harm this does.

    It isn’t just about hitting puberty.

    Your also doing the same thing as Yahya Snow which is to say that others have done it from different times and cultures somehow justifies Muhammads actions, however my question is still the same, how do these examples relate to Muhammads actions in light of his exalted status as a Prophet and moral exemplar?


  15. Paul

    I would say that the Hadiths themselves indicate an understanding that a significant age gap is a barrier to a healthy relationship such as was recently seen in the response from Professor Jonathan Brown on Abu Bakr wanting to marry Fatima according to Sunan An Nasai with which the Prophet had forbidden due to their age difference. It would seem that people in the 7th century Arabia were hardly unaware that there might be problems (although those are not explained in that narration)

    I would also point to the narrations regarding Muhammads marriage to Aisha as evidence of her still very much being of the mind of a child such as the description of her playing with dolls and the like and if i recall not making the decision herself but rather done by her father (which coincidentally would contradict the Qur’ans teaching that both parties had to consent)

    Her adolescence was demonstrated rather clearly then and that is still the same now with young children.

    Would you say that abuse of children and its impact on them can only be relative to time and culture? I haven’t seen the evidence to make that conclusion, the only thing I have seen so far is that children were being married off usually at the behest of the adult such as the case with the Christian minister that Intellect brought up.


    • Regarding the dolls, not sure how much weight one can place on the dolls story. What does it actually prove? That she liked dolls I guess.

      I am not aware that anybody till modern times had any objections to a young women (NB she was not child) consummating marriage with an older man.

      The danger here surely is that we judge other cultures (in the past and the present) by the standards of our own time bound culturally specific norms. Easy to do as we are all socialised into western assumptions about appropriate behaviour.

      Not sure you are aware of your cultural prejudices and how they influence your values.

      I am quite sure that she was not a child but a woman when she consummated her marriage to Muhammad. That is indicated in the Hadith. Ditto Mary when she consummated her marriage with Joseph at 12 ( according to recent scholars).

      In both cases God blessed the union.

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  16. While it is true that the prevailing culture can play a big role in determining our beliefs, i am not sure that this prevents us from objectively critiquing certain positions.

    I would once again however argue that based on the Hadith Dr Brown referred to demonstrates that this distinction as far as a significant age gap is concerned was known to people either at the time of Muhammad or afterwards and within a culture where this was accepted as normal. The distinction was there and this can also be seen within other ancient cultures such as Greece with regards to Pederasty (interesting to note that the early Christians opposed this practice, cf The Didache)

    “Not sure you are aware of your cultural prejudices and how they influence your values.”

    Would that be the same for Muhammad and the Companions as well with regards to their actions? and if so how do we discriminate as to what is cultural or not? especially as they as you say have such an impact on behaviour…


    • I had never heard of that Hadith till it was mentioned yesterday. Too soon to pass judgement as I assume neither of us have actually read it?
      Muhammad was criticised by his enemies for many things but no one ever (till the 20th century) criticised him for marrying a woman who was very young. This is significant. It shows that only in very recent times in the west with cultural change did it become problematic. Not before. No Christian ever criticised him for his marriage.
      Pederasty was widely accepted in the ancient world as we can see from the dialogues of Plato.
      Do you express similar discomfort at St Joseph marrying the 12 year old St Mary even though that had divine sanction according to the Bible?

      Can to explain to me the difference both in your anxiety and objectively?


  17. “I had never heard of that Hadith till it was mentioned yesterday. Too soon to pass judgement as I assume neither of us have actually read it? ”

    Fair enough, it is nevertheless interesting whether it is authentic or not. Dr Brown if I am not mistaken does have expertise in Hadith studies so I doubt he would quote a tradition that was questionable to make a point about Muhammads character and the culture of the time.

    You say that this is only a recent criticism and was therefore never a problem before the 20th century and that it is significant. But where does the change come from and why? I think we can both agree that is a dramatic one if we take our history into account.

    “No Christian ever criticised him for his marriage. ”

    They didn’t criticise him for owning slaves either but they wouldn’t have been wrong to criticise that would they? The same for the marriage perhaps for cultural reasons they did not see it as problematic but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t wrong….


    • I need to read the Hadith for myself before passing comment. As we both should.

      You say the marriage was “wrong”, but that judgement comes from values to be found in a particular culture at a particular time. Other cultures have different cultural assumptions about what is right and wrong.

      I submit that you are vocalising the assumptions of your culture. You not not outside of it being objective.

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  18. “Pederasty was widely accepted in the ancient world as we can see from the dialogues of Plato.
    Do you express similar discomfort at St Joseph marrying the 12 year old St Mary even though that had divine sanction according to the Bible?”

    Sorry just noticed this…

    Yes it does bother me as it is essentially the same issue. While there are aspects of Christianity that I admire, it doesn’t mean that it is above criticism.


  19. I’ll ask the ducks to tell it to me on the way home 😉

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  20. Patrice “i am not sure that this prevents us from objectively critiquing certain positions.”

    The question is what do base your “objective moral standards” on? Social consensus?


  21. Burhanuddin1

    Reason and evidence would be my answer to that. I readily admit that culture can play a big role in how I might think about certain things, I would argue however that this does not go all the way down. Both me and Paul would be examples of this as he has criticised certain beliefs that are sadly prevalent within our society such as the increasing islamophobia.


  22. Reason and evidence? Lol. That’s what every racist would claim for himself as justification


  23. I wouldn’t know you’d have to ask them.


  24. Patrice

    God created us and his laws will always be the best than man-made law. God is against child bride. God clearly stated a condition for a young woman to marry before the West started to work out age limit.

    Women marrying early is better than extending the age to 16,17,18,19……………….

    God’s law says no sex outside marriage. If you can marry a woman early and take care of her it is better to let her roam the street having sex with boys, men etc.

    The Western laws allow for same sex marriage, and allow the 12, 16,13n 9…………to be having sex with their age mates and sometimes Western politicians and Christian pastors go and get these minors for sex and drug, teenage pregnancies, school drop outs, children carrying babies etc.

    You will see these children carrying babies without fathers in the Western world or becoming burden to their parents.

    The Western law allow the so called children to practice lesbianism or gay practices when they are young. They have started to introduce these gay practices at schools.

    God’s law is better and if a 9 or 12 year old is qualified to marry 1500 years ago, I do not see the problem. The problem is when the person is child. God says if you reach the age of having sex without harm, then you are OK. The West says it must be 16,17……………but you are allowed to have sex before those ages anyway. God’s law says no sex before marriage.

    Our prophet married Aisha when she was qualified as adult at that time to marry and it is better than teenage sex or pastors, Church fathers and other Muslims having sex with these young women now a days.

    Aisha was not child bride because there was no any complications reported and she gave birth to good children. She became a teacher by profession teaching others. I learnt she directed Muslims to defend themselves. She did not have any psychological or mental problems.

    It is better than the teenagers now not allow to marry a good person at some age but some will end up having teenage pregnancy and becomes burden to society.

    I do not support child bride. The modern child bride is someone below some age but God’s child bride is someone who is not ready for marriage physically and mentally with sexual development that do not reaches a safe zone for marriage.

    In our modern world, some people do marry and continue to attend school and within some few years you will see them with children and degrees from colleges.

    It is better to marry early and continue your education than to roam the street for your mates to be having sex with you which the modern law allow. Most teenagers have sex with each other and results in teenage pregnancies and the law allows for that.

    Do you like your teenager being having sex or legally married?



  25. Seriously? Reason and evidence?

    “The Nazis claimed to scientifically measure a strict hierarchy of human race”
    “Philosophers and other theoreticians participated in the elaboration of Nazi ideology.”

    source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazism_and_race#Origins

    So much for your base for “objective moral standards”


  26. Patrice, I think the problem is that deciding on what is the appropriate age of marriage is entirely subjective even in our times. Some countties have set the age at 18, others at 17 and still others at 16. On what basis is that decided? And are those countries that set the age as low as 16 somehow allowing “child abuse”? Would a 16 year old definitely be counted as a “child”? It’s all very subjective.

    In the 7th century, and even up to just a 100 years ago, childhood ended once a person attained puberty. They were no longer children, but rather adults. And they were treated like adults. It obviously worked fine for a long time, up until contemporary times. I am not saying that I would support having a child marry at age 9 in today’s world. The reason I wouldn’t support it now is because childhood has been “extended” so to speak. Psychologically, they are treated as children so they obviously would not be able to bear the responsibilities of marriage. In the old days, they would start working at such an age. In our times, even that is delayed until the mid-teens.

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  27. Brother burhanuddin, I think you should take it easy on Patrice. She (or he? – sorry, I don’t know if it’s a male or female name) has been a strong ally against the Islamophobes on this forum. So, even if we don’t agree on this issue, I think you should give him/her a break.

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  28. “The Nazis claimed to scientifically measure a strict hierarchy of human race”

    “claimed” is the key word there, claims demand proof, did they have any proof?

    “Philosophers and other theoreticians participated in the elaboration of Nazi ideology.”

    I don’t believe in argument from authority so simply stating that they were philosophers or theoreticians does not mean i am going to agree with them.


  29. Patrice

    Some of the Western law makers who enact the laws of age limit for marriage have been caught travelling to Cuba, Pueto Rico, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Africa etc. where that age limit is less restrictive to have sex with the so called children.

    Most modern laws are hypocrisy especially to those who legislate, implement and execute the laws. The so called children can satisfy their visitors well under the age 16 and it means they are 13,12,11,10…………depending on their sexual development. What I am saying is all over the net and social media. People caught young girls as young as 8 having sex with elder men and they are ok. Because they have been having sex with their age mates and probably foreign visitors.

    The lawmakers dare not travel to Muslim majority countries to solicit their children. The reason for this example Patrice is the age limit. I fully support the age limit to be above 16 because the world has changed but not to blame the olden days where sexual maturity is considered rather than age.

    The law makers must legislate the law to include no sex for the under age but the law allow under age to have sex with their age mates and it results in pregnancy, prostitution, pornography, drugs etc.

    Child bride is better than child prostitution and I am afraid we have a cancer of child prostitution now, child pornography, child abuse etc. is caused by the law allowing the children to have sex with their age mates and therefore open the way for other vices.



  30. Patrice

    You said:

    “I don’t really think you answered Craigs objections with regards to Islam and whether or not these actions either happened or are considered to be morally objectionable considering Muhammads exalted status as a role model for all of humanity.”

    Prophet Muhammad also married widows and older women. That does not mean that’s something I have to follow, the same applies for marrying a younger lady. There are some Sunnahs which Muslims must follow while others aren’t teachings for imititation. One example of this would be the Prophet’s dress sense – that was something which was cultural at that time.

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  31. As for knowing somebody is emotionally and physically mature, it comes from the parents. They are the ones who know when it’s the right time for the lady to move in with her husband.


  32. Patrice the point is not if racist justification by “reason and evidence” is valid or not.
    Differing “moralities” from yours claim to be based on reason and evidence, just as you do.
    Your claimed “objective” moral stance, by which you want to judge Prophet Muhammad (sas), is a subjective one.


  33. yahyasnow

    Honestly, I do not think I will marry an older woman when younger ladies are available. Christians cannot stay without marriage because Jesus Christ did not marry. According to the Bible Prophet David committed adultery but the Quran said all of God’s prophet are righteous and did not commit adultery.

    Sam Shamoun will forget Prophet David adultery in the Bible to ask is Prophet David role model as a prophet for humanity? But will waste people time on Ayisha which Christians, Jews, Pagans etc. at that time never blamed our prophet because they even marry younger girls than that.

    It is Islam and our prophet that clearly set standard and said the girl must reach puberty and ready physically and mentally for marriage. What is wrong with that?

    The standards of the 1900’s? That says the so called children can have sex? with their age mates? If they are children, why must children be allowed to have sex? that produced teenage pregnancy, child prostitution? drugs, lack of respect for elders because these children know what a real sex is etc.

    Those who legislate the modern day law will obviously travel to Pueto Rico, Cuba, Africa etc. and engage in sex with the so called children.

    Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, Anthony Weiner, Pastor Eddie Lee Long, Pastor Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, John Edwards etc. and I cannot count will legislate, implement and execute the age limit themselves but hypocritically caught having sex with the so called children.

    Child bride is better than child sex and child prostitution participated by those who legislate, implement and execute the age limit.

    Prophets of God are unique and have their roles to play and sometimes we cannot follow everything they do. Again, I will not marry an elder woman when younger ladies are there and it is not sin as the Quran said, one must choose the bride he wants and love and obviously she must reach the time in which she is ready physically, emotionally and morally to marry.

    Our prophet married Widows and Older women. It is good role model to help the widows and the older women to have someone but most people including Christians and Sam Shamoun will not follow the good role model of our prophet.

    Instead the politicians will leave their wives and have sin committing adultery with the children. They will shout child bride on CNN and Fox news to confuse their viewers.



  34. I think I should eat some humble pie here and acknowledge that my arguments have been defeated. I was wrong and I should have asked questions before coming to a conclusion this would be more in line with an objective pursuit of truth.

    I have instead sadly assumed cultural superiority over that. This was wrong. While this was not easy to understand, i believe having had put my thoughts forward have resulted in a better appreciation of the surrounding context of historical events. After reading the answers by Paul, Faiz, Intellect, Yahya Snow, and Burhannudin1. Thinking them through and also questioning my own reasoning has ended with me changing my mind on this subject.

    I claimed to be a person of truth and I did not entirely demonstrate as readily as one should and for this I hope this “confession” may go some way to change that.

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  35. Patrice

    God Bless you. We are all learning here. Thanks to Paul Williams and may Allah reward him for using his own time, money, energy etc. to invest on pursuing truth.

    Through rigorous discussions we have been able to put matters straight and I am happy to announce that our efforts is not in vain but has yielded some better results. madmanna, a staunch Trinitarian has agreed with me that if God is 1 only and alone and possess all his attributes, then no one can be God except Him alone and another Trinitarian Ken Temple agreed with me that the Son does not possess all the attributes of the Father who is God.

    Will they accept Jesus is not God as my friend anon(Mr. Henry) has rejected Trinity or not is beyond me and only God knows. I pray for them, me and all those who will see truth and take it and Almighty God Guide us to the truth and away from satan and his temptations.

    Patrice, this blog is a critical thinking blog, so you can argue against what you think is not right even if it is from Prophet Mohammed and we will try to brainstorm on it. Keeping quiet is not the best.


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    • ‘Patrice, this blog is a critical thinking blog, so you can argue against what you think is not right even if it is from Prophet Mohammed and we will try to brainstorm on it. Keeping quiet is not the best.’

      Well said Intellect!


  36. //Aisha was not child bride because there was no any complications reported and she gave birth to good children.//

    Intellect, I don’t want to be rude, but Aaishah radi Allahu anha had no children of her own. I double checked it, so please can you give me the online source? Here is an article on Aaishah radi Allahu anha that says the same thing, telling Sisters not to get upset if Allah didn’t bless them with children. http://www.habibihalaqas.org/2012/02/may-be-allah-wants-you-to-become-aisha.html


  37. It was this one Faiz: Abu Dawud 3:4913


  38. Origen,

    This is what that hadith from Abu Dawud says:

    A’ishah said :
    I used to play with dolls. Sometimes the Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) entered upon me when the girls were with me. When he came in, they went out, and when he went out, they came in.

    It says nothing about sex, only that the other girls would leave due to shyness when the Prophet would come in. The hadith I mentioned previously gives more information and shows that the Prophet would tell the girls to come back and play with Aisha.


  39. I’m loathe to cite this as a source as I don’t wish to upset anyone – however…I think it’s important to answer questions like these rather than duck them or shout abuse.

    It also cites an interesting quote: “Muhammad placed his penis between the thighs of Aisha and he massaged it to orgasm since he could not have sexual intercourse with her until she was nine.”


  40. The “thighing” claim has been exposed as a lie spread by Islamophobes:


    Origen, you need to consult authentic Islamic sources if you want to get authentic information about Islam. Sources lIke “Wiki Islam” are written by people who pretend to be experts but who are ignorant in the best case, and liars in the worst case.


  41. Aisha was not the first case, for many girls married at her same age to men who were at their fathers’ age. Hala, the cousin of Amina bint Wahb was married to Abdul-Muttalib on the same day his son `Abdullah married Aminah bint Wahb who was at Hala’s same age. Also, the Companion `Umar ibn Al-Khattab married the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib (may Allah honor his face) while he was at her grandpa’s age.Ignoring the authentic ahadith and appealing to the rumors and fabricated stories, that shows how rational these people are. If I were to do the same and appeal to the books that haven’t made into the bible. I can also find some ridiculous stories. Aisha said: ‘When a girl is nine years old, she is a woman (meaning, she has attained puberty).’ (Tirmidhi, Hadith 1109) Aisha knew (that she hit puberty) when she became nine years old. (Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri, Tuhfat AI-Ahwadhi, Kitab: al-Nikah, Bab: Maa Jaa’a fee Ikraah Al Yateemah ‘alaa al tazweej, Hadith no. 1027)
    In the hot climate, women are marriageable at the age of 8,9,10. At the age of 20 women are consider to be old.The Spirit of Laws Montesquieu Book 16 Pg.264-5


  42. Origen,

    The so called “thighing” claim is preposterous. Notice how the link did not provide an actual hadith as the source for this alleged practice of the Prophet (pbuh). The reason is there is no such hadith! The only “proof” it provides is links to some alleged fatwas, for which the links no longer work. Even if these “fatwas” were made, there is no authentic evidence that the Prophet practiced “thighing”.

    I would advise you to learn about Islam from authentic Islamic sources. The “experts” at Wiki Islam are not scholars. Most are anonymous Islamophobes who selectively quote fabricated sources to spread misinformation about Islam and Muslims.

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  43. I agree that it’s preposterous but I would rather people discuss it dispassionately. We can all insult our detractors, but if an issue is out there in the wild why not challenge it just on?


  44. Why not just challenge it head on?


  45. Origen,

    You’re right, but the problem is that there are many such claims and taking the time to explain to someone who is hostile from the start is a futile endeavor. These people don’t care about the facts. They are bigots who have an axe to grind against Islam. No matter how much you explain to them, they will continue to be hostile. If you’re lucky, maybe you might get 1% of them to change their minds.

    You appear to be sincere, so I don’t mind explaining these things to you. But you should avoid these kinds of sources because you will not get the truth from them.


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