Answering “Jihad” with Deception: A Response to Nabeel Qureshi

A timely and insightful rebuttal

Scholarly Islam

“Diagnosing terrorism as a symptom and Islam as the problem, though popular in some circles, is flawed and has serious risks with dangerous repercussions.”
– John Esposito, (Who Speaks for Islam, 97)

Nabeel Qureshi is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity and is now a full time Christian apologist with a Ministry. But if you read his USA Today Opinion piece, headlined The Qur’an’s deadly role in inspiring Belgian slaughter this critical fact would not come to your attention – as the author begins the article by describing himself as “a Muslim growing up in the United States.”  Anyone may easily read this entire piece and conclude – as numerous comments on the article show – that Qureshi is a practicing Muslim who finally “confirms” that the Qur’an is an inherently violent text. His actual allegiances are only mentioned at the end of the article. This sort of deceptive writing by…

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  1. A friend emailed me these helpful observations:

    ‘Qureshi says that according to Surah 9 of the Quran that all treaties with the pagans were annulled but this isn’t true but the Quran told Muslims to keep their treaties with all those who had not broken the peace treaty (Surah 9:3).

    The Quran does speak of the religion prevailing over all other ways but by what means or by what mechanism? According to the Quran, Muhammed, the prophet, was not permitted to compel people to believe. If God wanted too then God could have done that Himself (Surah 10:99). Instead, the Quran teaches to invite people to God with wisdom and advice and to reason with them in the best of conduct (Surah 16:125)

    Tbh, even if you weren’t aware of the history of the Quran or to whom it was addressed too or to whom it was about and just read the references that Qurashi refers his readers too, you would be pressed as to how he came to the conclusions that he did.

    Also, surah 9:6 is an interesting reference. Preach to the polytheists and then deliver them to a safe place.’


  2. Great article! Kudos!

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