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  1. Lol!
    Yes! Totally agree! He should just say he hates Islam and Muslims, like the evangelicals do! 😂😂

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  2. and money…

    everyone needs money even jesus’ ministry required it.

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  3. Hey would you mind just deleting my comment? Came off stronger than I meant. Thanks.


  4. From looking at some of his writings, hearing some of his talks, and his nasty behavior with the lady stripping at the strip club before his recent marriage, I don’t find his claim that he “scrutinized his mistakes” to be that convincing.

    I still think that his work regarding exposing the mindset of extremists can be very useful and I hope that Muslims learn from the research of the researchers in the organization he is with but Majid Nawaaz is someone whose behavior is severely lacking in submission to his Creator.


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