Aggressive missionaries at Speakers Corner – chaos ensues

A Christian missionary harangues Muslims at Speakers Corner. The woman is Beth Grove whom I’m told is Jay Smith’s secretary. A disgusted Christian says to Beth “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!”

2:27 Beth pushes the Muslim Speaker

a Christian in the crowd rebukes her

3:54 Beth says she loves Muslims (!) Crowd clearly not impressed

4:02 a Christian guys says “if you love Muslims why do you interrupt him when he’s speaking”

4:30 someone says Beth is Jay Smith’s secretary.  She says “be careful that is slander!”

8:15 Christian gentleman in the crowd says to Beth “have some manners, have some grace on Easter Sunday Christian lady!”

Beth tells him to “calm down”

9:43 The Muslim speaker is repeatedly interrupted by Beth. He pleads with her “let me finish!” “let me finish!”

A Christian in the crowd shakes his head in disgust & says “You know what? I’m a Christian – you should listen, you’re gross! you’re gross! you’re disgusting lady! You should be ashamed of yourself! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!”  And he walks off clearly appalled by Beth’s behaviour.

(I filmed this yesterday)


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  1. beth has gained a lot of weight

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  2. 9:2 1

    yet paul silence of his jesus is truly DEAFENING yet they take “tafsir” from matthew, mark luke and john in trying to understand pauls resurrected god

    what hypocrites are these?

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  3. LOL. It’s slander to call her Jay Smith’s secretary.

    On a serious note, it’s good this type of behaviour is highlighted. I think people like Beth Grove and Jay Smith just don’t see how off-putting they actually are. They can spin it all they like by claiming they are trying to reach non-Westerners with those techniques (like that stuff will be seen as polite in Eastern cultures!!!) but most reasonable people will find it embarrassing.

    I personally believe this in-your-face approach towards Muslims is them showing how ‘Christian’ they actually are as there is a culture amongst certain segments of evangelical Christians of wearing ‘persecution badges’. These people are raised on stories of early Christian martyrs and even Paul of Tarsus IIRC used the persecution he was subjected to as credentials and as a badge of honour.

    For them, they know their donors are regular folk who are bombarded (pun not intended) with media coverage of Muslims being violent terrorists thus this type of approach from Beth may actual get a bit of kudos in those circles as well as a few shillings for Jay Smith’s Pfander ministry.Especially considering Jay markets his activities in Hyde Park as reaching ‘extremist’ Muslims.

    Pays the bills.

    Just my thoughts. Folk can tear them down if they wish. 🙂

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    • I don’t know how I got here but omg, I just saw another video of the same women doing the exact same thing. Interrupting again and again like a broken record! She is so rude think way too high and mighty! O I swear I know how to deal with these people. I would have chucked her off her high horse!


  4. I hear that Jay Smith is retiring back to Pennsylvania later this year (though he will still do the odd debate). Speaker’s Corner will not miss his ugly brand of American fundamentalism.

    Perhaps Beth Grove or Jonathan McLatchie are being groomed to replace him?


  5. Yahya Snow just produced this:

    Not sure if Christians really want to be paying their missionaries to score obnoxious own goals like these. For the entire video please see the linkS below as well as for links related to the leader of her organisation, Jay Smith.

    Entire video of Beth Grove’s rude behaviour can be found here:

    Jay Smith’s bigoted comments about non-Westerners:

    More controversy around Jay Smith Scandal: Pfander Centre for Apologetics Linked to White Supremacy, Xenophobia and Racism:

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  6. i rebuke beth in the name of ALLAH

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  7. Jonathan McLatchie has personally expressed his desire to avoid generating heat so I doubt he will want to take up the Jay Smith mantle. He seems to be going in his own direction.

    I doubt Beth could hold the group together. Whatever we say about Jay, he has charisma and a presence about him. The rest of his group including Hatun Tash, Beth Grove, Sarah Foster and Patrick Hutton all seem to lack that presence and charisma.

    If they don’t jettison somebody else in they will collapse after Jay Smith IMO

    That would be a good thing for those involved – they are literally wasting their lives being Jay Smith’s little helpers and some of them are clearly being influenced to repulse their co-religionists as seen in this video.

    Jay, if youre reading this, good riddance to your antagonistic and misleading preaching but enjoy your retirement fella – don’t worry about Pfander ministries it will be going bankrupt after you retire 🙂

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  8. will jay smith claim job seekers allowance in america?

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  9. “is that in the quran” she said

    i quote

    Still, one of the most striking features of Paul’s surviving letters is just how little he actually tells us about Jesus’s life prior to his death There are thirteen letters in the New Testament that claim to be written by Paul. Scholars are widely convinced that seven of them, at least, actually go back to Paul. There are debates about the authorship of the other six. But suppose you were to mine these letters—take all thirteen of them—for the information they provide about the things Jesus said, did, and experienced between the time he was born and the time he died. How many stories of Jesus would you discover?

    I occasionally give this as an assignment for my undergraduate students. They are often surprised to find that for a full list, they don’t need a 5 x 7 card. (Ehrman, 2016, p. 87)

    okay, so beth, you make your “tafsir” and fill in the missing bits from mark, luke , john and mat

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  10. quote

    Models of transmission in the Acts of the Apostles: The accounts

    Acts 2:14–40 — Peter’s Pentecost Sermon

    Audience: Jewish crowd at Pentecost.

    Scripture References: Joel 2:28-32; Psalm 16:8-11; Psalm 110:1

    Sayings of Jesus: None.

    Deeds of Jesus: Unspecified miracles and wonders. Was crucified, resurrected, exalted.

    Facts about Jesus: From Nazareth.

    Acts 3:12–26 — Peter at the Temple

    Audience: Jewish crowd, witnesses to healing.

    Scripture References: Deut. 18:15,18,19; Gen. 22:18; 26:4

    Sayings of Jesus: None.

    Deeds of Jesus: Killed by Pilate at their urging, raised from the dead, received into heaven.

    Facts about Jesus: God’s servant and “author of life.”

    Acts 4:5-12 — Peter before the Sanhedrin

    Audience: Rulers, elders, and teachers of the law.

    Scripture References: Psalm 118:22

    Sayings of Jesus: None.

    Deeds of Jesus: Crucified, raised. Ultimately responsible for healing lame man at Temple.

    Facts about Jesus: Only path to salvation.

    Acts 7 — Stephen’s Speech

    Audience: A Jewish mob about to stone him.

    Scripture References: Gen. 12:1, 15:13,14; Exodus 1:8, 2:14, 3:6, 3:5,7,8,10, 32:1; Deut. 18:15; Amos 5:25-27; Isaiah 66:1,2

    Sayings of Jesus: None

    Deeds of Jesus: None

    Facts about Jesus: The people in the mob betrayed and murdered him.

    Acts 10:28–47 — Peter on Gentile Inclusion

    Audience: Cornelius.

    Scripture References: None.

    Sayings of Jesus: None.

    Deeds of Jesus: Baptized by John, did good deeds, healed the sick, cast out demons, hanged on a tree, was resurrected, ate with and taught disciples after resurrection.
    Facts about Jesus: Judge of living and dead. Sole source of salvation.

    Acts 11:4-18 — Peter Tells What Happened at Joppa

    Audience: Jerusalem Church.
    Scripture References: None.

    Sayings of Jesus: “John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” (Oddly, a saying that was attributed to John the Baptist in the gospels.)

    Deeds of Jesus: None.

    Facts about Jesus: None.

    so funny isn’t it beth that you get your “tafsir” for pauls letters and acts from?

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  11. Roman latinos took these European pagans (racists)for a ride as they took their European women as concubines!! That’s what happened here!! All European races’ were enslaved and molested by those Roman latino pagans and these slave breeds are now stuck with their masters doctrines in the form of European/biblical laws and then they claim to be secular atheists!!!….lol?


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