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  1. Great video. This guy is level-headed and fair, unlike many others. Of course, you know what the ignorant bigots will say:

    “Well, those peaceful verses were abrogated by the later, more violent verses!”

    Little do these idiots know that many of the peaceful verses were actually revealed in the Madinan period, when Muslims were commanded to fight their oppressors.

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  2. this is a good video williams. nice find bro.

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  3. The problem here is that in another of Paul’s posts, hamza yusuf is going on about how you need years of education in Classical Arabic and the scriptures to interpret the quran. Not any Joe Shmoe can do it.


  4. I know this might seem a tad off topic however considering the title of the video…

    I wondered as to what books you would recommend to a non-Muslim who would like to learn about Islam generally?

    This is open for anyone to comment on by the way. I think it would interesting to see which works inform their understanding of the religion as well.



  5. John

    Understanding is different from interpretation. Most Muslims understand and know the verse as Hamza understands it. In Islam we have tafsir, that started from prophet Mohammed and continued till today. When a verse is revealed. How, when, where, to what purpose is in the tafsir so that we understands it that way.

    You will ask John, why do you need tafsir? Because when the prophet receives a revelation, it has a purpose and the purpose is explained by the prophet and is not always in the Quran itself to try to make the Quran short and simple not huge document to scare people.


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  6. “I wondered as to what books you would recommend to a non-Muslim who would like to learn about Islam generally?”

    Understanding Islam
    by Frithjof Schuon

    The Road to Mecca
    by Muhammad Asad

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