Nabeel Qureshi & The “Question” of Muhammad’s Salvation

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In the two blog posts that have so far been published I have shown Nabeel Qureshi to be a sly, cunning proselytizer, one who thinks he can cheat the intellectual faculties of his congregants. When we put his arguments to scrutiny, however, we discover his strategies usually entail  presenting things in a binary, dichotomous fashion, and when convenient, committing the fallacy of contextomy (click here).

Truth be told, his arguments  seem to be effective since only a few members of the Baptist community have shown interest in challenging him. Could it be, perhaps, that he assumes a level authority not seen before at the pulpit given how often he conceals his Ahmadi past while touting to be a true blue ex-Muslim (click here)? Another oft-said lie Nabeel peddles is that the Prophet Muhammad did not know whether salvation awaited for him after his death, so much so, he asserts Muhammad used to ask his community to pray for him. I have had incredible difficulty pinpointing the origins of the following video but could no longer hold myself from producing it.

Nabeel says with the utmost confidence (with added canned laughter in the background):

Um, in Islam it is well known that Muhammad did not know whether or not he would go to heaven. He would always tell people, ‘yes I’m the Prophet but um, uh, you have to pray for me, pray on my behalf that God will forgive me.”

To disprove any argument beyond a reasonable doubt one requires one, and just one counterexample. In this case Hadith no. 333 fromMuslim, one of the most trusted and authenticated collections of narrations, states:

It was narrated that Anas ibn Maalik said: “The Messenger of Allah said: I will come to the gate of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection and will ask for it to be opened. The gatekeeper will say, ‘Who are you?’ I will say, ‘Muhammad’. He will say, ‘I was commanded not to open it for anyone before you.”

Not only will the Prophet Muhammad have access to the promised bounties of heaven, but he’ll be the first as well to have the gates opened for him. There are even more explicit sayings that describe the Prophet living and accessing gifts of distinction that were bestowed upon him by the mercy of God. I will not quote them because if one truly is a thinking man this should be perspicuous enough. If for whatever reason doubts still linger Google also happens to be your friend.

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  1. Thanks Paul…

    First time I saw the term Fallacy of Contextomy

    That’s one of many reasons I like your blog…I learn new things.

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  2. I can’t help but repeat this : he’s a liar!

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  3. I think it is more complicated: he now believes his own lies.

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  4. Keep up the good work Paul. I’m an Ahmedi Muslim and recently came across Nabeel for the first time on Global News promoting his latest book. It pains me beyond words to see him to all this. If I can contribute to your efforts in any way please let me know. Islam is the only true religion and Mohammad peace be upon him, is the seal of prophets.
    The stuff they are propagating in Acts 17 about our beloved Prophet saw is so obnoxious! It was only when I saw a video of one of your debates with them that I felt relieved. May Allah help you in all your endeavours and bless you abundantly Ameen.


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