Deportations to begin!

With a satirical front page for their Sunday edition, the Boston Globe is giving readers a look at what they believe America would be like with Trump as president.

As the fake headlines make clear, the Globe’s editors are not optimistic. Click on pic to enlarge front page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.26.28

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  1. I agree with the Mr. Trump, if American Muslims are obnoxious and despicable like regular commentators on this blog, they must be deported to their homeland immediately, actually their native lands also do not need these people, the world will be a lot better place without these biased ignoble retards. I guess what I am saying is these retards are redundant.


  2. Just as Hitler and his followers demonised and sort to rid the world of Jews, today the new Jews are the Muslims, demonised and persecuted by Christians, atheists, Hindus etc.

    ‘Thinking Atheist’- you are truly the heir to Third Reich’s fantasies of a Final Solution.

    I was just reading this article and it sadly demonstrates the West’s selective concerns where religious freedom is concerned

    Btw my ‘homeland’ is England where I was born and bred. I am not an Arab/Iranian/Pakistani or whatever.

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  3. Reprehensible pay attention to following words 1) IF and 2) American Muslims.


  4. if being obnoxious were reason enough to deport someone, why can’t we deport you?


  5. More you guys blather like this goes to prove what I wrote.

    Please Keep it up!


  6. LOL, another supposedly “rational” atheist makes some rather irrational comments. “Thinking” atheist should do some actual thinking.

    Apparently, this guy doesn’t realize that the American Constitution allows for freedom of expression, so one can be “obnoxious” all they like. It is not grounds for deportation.

    Of course, the irony is that “thinking atheist” comes off as an obnoxious and despicable individual himself. We should deport him back to his ancestral home (the “old country”). Actually, his native land also does not need him. The world will be a lot better place without this biased ignoble retard.


  7. Blatherskite: First ignores what I said then cherry pick one word to say whatever crap he wants to say. then comes back to rest of the comment, i.e. total distortion.

    What an insolent pinhead, like I said Keep it up!


  8. Yes, yes, we’ll keep it up so we can continue to expose your bigotry and flawed “thinking”. And you can continue to act the way you do, which makes it easier to expose you. 😉


  9. Please do, obsolete goofball. Btw, before ranting use your head for once, I mean do some actual thinking. I just can’t help myself laughing by reading your juvenile rants.


  10. Lol, I’m having quite the laugh too, dude!

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  11. Dude, we’re already here, we’ve been here. And you know what, bro? American Muslims can be as obnoxious as we want–or did you forget the first amendment?

    Oh wait, you Trump supporters have fragile egos and will sue anybody who is a big meanie. But hey, how about you go to back to your ~~**native homeland**~~ of Europe if free speech is too much for you? Oh wait, they probably don’t want imbeciles like you there.

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  12. we don’t want them here in Europe either!


  13. Jeepers, am I a Trump supporter? That’s news to me!

    Man, These guys are really obsolete and their sheer sentimental inane rants is irrefutable proof of that. Instead of saying American Muslims are not like that, they are embracing it, lol. Thus making them totally obsolete. This World will be a lot better place without these rabid freakshows.

    Europe doesn’t need you either, Reprehensible. You have no place in the Islamic world either, Fairy! I said obnoxious and despicable I further went on to say more of course you are going to ignore that. Anyway, No more wasting time on these despicable retards.


  14. ‘Thinking Atheist’ has been banned from this blog. The world has enough evil haters. Good to remove one from here.

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  15. Send him to Guantanamo


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