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  1. The question is this – if he sells cocaine to raise money to spread Islam, then is he being a good muslim?


  2. That’s a good way of avoiding the question.


    • if it was an intelligent question asked by an adult, yes. But clearly it is not. lol


    • It’s actually something of a variation of a very old theistic conundrum – is something “good” because your man-made god wills it or does your fantasy being will things because they are good. Hardly an unintelligent question.


  3. Wealth earned from selling cocaine would be the same as wealth earned from selling alcohol. Both would be haraam, and therefore, any good deed done as a result of that wealth would not be accepted:

    “It was narrated from Ibn Wa’lah Misri that he asked Ibn ‘Abbas about what is produced from grapes. Ibn’Abbas said: “A man gave the Messenger of Allah a skin full of wine, and the Prophet said to him;’ did you know that Allah has forbidden it?’ He whispered something and I did not understand what he whispered as I wanted to. I asked a person who was beside him and the Prophet said to him; ‘What are you whispering about?’ He said: ‘I told him to sell it.’ The Prophet said: ‘The One Who forbade drinking it also forbade selling it.’ Then he opened the vessels and poured out their contents” (Sunan an-Nisai)

    Ibn Masud narrated that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, “A slave (of Allah) who acquires haraam wealth and gives charity from it, it is not accepted from him. If he spends from it, he does not have any blessing (barakah) in it. If he leaves it behind him (i.e. he dies) it will be a means of taking him to the fire (of Hell). Verily, Allah does not wipe out evil deed with evil deed; instead, He wipes out evil deed with good deed. Indeed, the repulsive does not wipe out the repulsive” (Musnad Ahmad).

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