Just delivered to my office. Very juicy.

This book was cited in the recent debate ‘What Does the Quran Teach About The Bible? David Wood vs Shabir Ally’.  I am gorging myself on it now. Review to follow inshallah…

Sidney H. Griffith is Professor in the Department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures at the Catholic University of America. His books include The Beginnings of Christian Theology in Arabic and The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque (Princeton).

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  1. You know what would be another great book for you to read and review.
    Tommy Robinson’s book Enemy of the State.

    I would like to hear your reaction as a British Muslim revert


  2. Well to bad its a fascinating read. Definitely on the crude side with very little polishing. But very frighting. Not the Muslim part but what your country did to him. That is very scary.

    He even gives testimony that seems to support the suspicion that the UK government is behind Amjem Chaudry and his gang.


  3. Racist? So fighting the Nazi’s burning Naizi’ flags, leading a multi ethnic and racial organization like the EDL and fighting to keep out the Nazi’s and BNP makes him a Racist? Strange view on what makes someone a racist.


    • I know a journalist who spent time with Robinson over several months vitally every day for an authorised documentary. He told me that in private Robinson made numerous racist remarks against black people and people of Pakistani origin.

      So yes, he is a racist.


    • Well with all do respect to your anonymous journalist friend it was the “journalists” who falsely labeled him a racist to begin with. Kind of funny how your anonymous friend says he made these racist comments in private and in front of a journalist. So unless you have proof then I don’t believe your anonymous source. I believe the documented FACTS.

      The EDL was a multi ethnic, multi racial organization. Made up of blacks, Indians, Seiks, and even a gay and lesbian division. He is more hated by the NAZI’s and BNP then he is Muslims and I think has gotten more death threats from them as well.


  4. EDL was full of thugs and racists. I saw many of them at work inciting hatred against Muslims and non-whites and committing acts of violence against innocent Muslims. I have seen it with my own eyes and so have numerous other people.

    End of.


    • I Have no doubt you saw that. But where those EDL or Nazi infiltrators. Tommy did his best to keep them out he made mistakes. No doubt about that.

      But thte facts remain the facts, Tommy is not a racist, the crew that started the UPL and then the EDL where all working class sons of immigrants from various places.

      ALso when was this? I’m sure you don’t know and probably don’t care but when Tommy was sent to prison the first time, he did not have much control of the leadership in the ED. When he got out he fired the entire leadership because they let the Nazi’s and some street gang the Infidels in.


    • The fact is he is a racist bigot. I have eye-witness testimony about what he is really like. He has fooled people like you. I have seen how his thugs operate. I have heard him stir up hated against Muslims on numerous occasions.

      And you want me to read a book by him? lol no thanks. I have better things to do.


  5. Some how Paul I don’t see you out in the street clashing with the EDL back in the day. But ok keep your blinders on.

    Whats funny is that Muslims like yourself claim to be against Amjem Chaudry, ISIS, AL-Quida etc… but as soon as someone whether it is some working class “lads” from Luton to the Muslims in Quliam you stand against them.

    You guys are your own worst enemies. But as Tommy said in his talk at Oxford, keep burying your head in the sand, denying and blaming others, then you will get something worse than the EDL


  6. I wish I had this book and the time to read it.

    Thanks Paul for planning to write a review of it.

    Looking forward for reading your review.

    Here is a very brief review by Dr. Shabir Ally.

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