How very tasteful and convenient


For the sinner on the go the blood and body of Christ in one convenient tidy package

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  1. This is surely the most significant contribution to Christianity since the Augsburg confession 😉

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  2. Of course. How could one over look such a phenomenon?


    • Ken can take this for his missionary trips as it is quick and easy. Sure beats those Jesus loves you belts that were all the rage a few years back.

      “Grace around your waist” to “Would you care for a shot of salvation?”

      Response: “What about the lemon peel?”
      Ken: “We use wafers instead, cool right?”
      Response: “Bro’ thats so 1116, its 2016 dude get with the times sheesh!”
      Ken: “tbh we got rid in the 1600s I just bought it for the packaging….” (shrugs shoulders)
      Response: 😦
      Ken: 😉

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