Behold the EvangeCube!

Blogging theology continues its series on tasteful and convenient Christian gadgets. Today we bring you the EvangeCube


What do you get if you cross the Rubik Cube with the Four Spiritual Laws? A perfect Gadget for God, that’s what. The EvangeCube (aka eCube) reduces the entire mystery of salvation to seven handy flip’n’fold pictures on a cube, enabling you to trigger a major life event in a non-believing friend in just three minutes, tops.

This “souls ‘r’ us” approach clearly works, though. Covered in cliched illustrations of hearts, hell-fire and nail-scarred hands, the Evangecube is a worldwide operation, and the makers have shifted over one million units in the past two years. Quantity rules.

Only $8 per cube. Click here to order.


Categories: Silly

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