St Sebastian pin cushion


This is a particularly tasteful Christian gadget thing. The blurb says: 

‘St. Sebastian suffered for his convictions. For helping people convert to Christianity, the Emperor of Rome had him tied to a tree, shot full of arrows, then left for dead. Miraculously, the heavens intervened and Sebastian survived. This inspiring tale of piety, determination, and possibly bad archery is now brought to life with our attractive and tasteful St. Sebastian Pin Cushion. That’s right — you can have a martyr of your very own to conveniently store your pins and needles in. Sebastian stands about 8-1/2″ tall in a defiant posture with a justifiably-pained expression on his face.’

Made by the Unemployed Philosophers’ Guild, and costing just $12.95 (£6.50), you’ll be drawn to this furry man of faith with the deliciously doleful expression. But a word of advice… be careful as you cuddle.

Click here to order!

Categories: Silly

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