Karl Barth: One of the greatest 20th century Christian theologians

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  1. Karl Barth writing much of the Barmen Declaration in opposition to Hitler ; and then loosing his teaching position because of his stance – Barth has my respect in that. He influenced Bonhoeffer and I greatly respect Bonhoeffer.

    the book about Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas is very good. I recommend it.


  2. Hi Allan,
    Karl Barth is not as popular as Spurgeon, Sproul, McArthur, and Piper or James White in Reformed Protestant circles.

    Karl Barth was trying to revive belief in the Bible and he rejected the classical liberalism of Schleirmacher, etc.

    He was not a believer in inerrancy, but he tried to hold on to much of the Bible, as many describe him that way anyway.

    Many say he is “the father of Neo-Orthodoxy”, but many say that he would have rejected that title.

    Neo-Orthodoxy is hard to understand. It seems it views the Bible as man’s record of thoughts about God; and that parts of it become God’s word in the heart and mind when some kind of experience with the spirituality of the word takes place inwardly. (That is what I understand.)

    He was very respected in the liberal United Methodist Church I grew up in, and I did not respect him much until I found out about his stance against Hitler.

    I need to read more about him and his works in order to understand him better.

    But, for his stance against Hitler, and his writing of the Barmen Declaration, I respect him very much.


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