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  1. sam shamoun needs to take up fishing, may give him peace, rather than sat in his dungeon and composing garbbled nonsence which he believes refutes Islam! LOL!! Just read his recent post which apparently refutes Paul Williams! LOL. His hate-filled personality just jumps off the page.
    Sam, chill man!

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  2. St Sam fishes only for men Jacob he has no time for such frivolity.


  3. Patrice, sam needs to get a life. His writing is becoming more deranged and incoherent. I can picture him foaming at the mouth whilst writing his rubbish against Islam and Muslims. I’m telling you it’s not healthy!


  4. I agree it is very unhealthy to write such tripe. Perhaps Acts17 need to go on a fishing trip and be more spiritual 😉

    Perhaps even buy some Eckhart Tolle books and drink Yogi Tea?

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  5. Totally agree, Patrice.
    Also, christians need to stop massaging sam the sham’s ego by telling him he writes great articles. He really doesn’t. They don’t even flow, let alone make sense. sam the sham needs to stop wasting his time on writing and maybe spend more time with his family. That might make him less hate-filled and abusive.


  6. Couldn’t agree more Jacob the kind of behavior St Sam regularly indulges in can hardly be considered a positive example for his family let alone his fellow Christians. I imagine taking up a meditation practice of some sort would do wonders for his temper.

    His audience need also to seek better reading material to sooth their weary souls I can only imagine what which book might help them 🙂

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