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  2. Wasn’t she busted tweeting anti-semitic hate speech and praising Hitler?

    That aside, I suspect these “far-right” protesters are merely average Europeans who are worried that their governments and media are ignoring the hate speech that permeates the quran and hadith.

    Why else would an “extreme far-right” group let someone they supposedly hate get close to them and take pictures?

    I shudder to think what would have happened to a young christian girl if she had done the same in front of a group of islamists hate-mongers.


    • Sadly, you seem to be correct D. These feel good stories are often only half of the story. Apparently she tweeted:

      ‘Hitler Left Some Jews So We’d Know Why He Killed Them’

      We know who the extremists really are…


  3. D, do you make it a habit to post unsubstantiated accusations? If you have a point to make about this lady supposedly tweeting anti-semetic statements then you need to provide the proof.

    As far as the news story itself is concerned I find the response from this lady to these folks’ idiocy wonderful. They look like complete fools.

    I think both you and the protestors share that quality 😉
    Isn’t that lovely!!!!


  4. Wow! How utterly humiliating! This same person whom you praised ends up being a total racist anti-semite! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JZXir8ASjM

    How ironic that this same person ends up truly and perfectly reflecting the same spirit of Muhammad, since he too was a total racist who pretended to be nice when outnumbered by the unbelievers, but then turned murderous and vengeful when having the upper hand.

    Keep up the great work of helping us expose your deen, Paul! Much appreciated! 😉


  5. Paul you mean this Muslima who tweeted in 2012 “Hitler didnt kill all the jews, he left some. So we [would] know why he was killing them”.

    Yah I can see why Muslims love her.


  6. I wonder if any Muslim wishes to comment/condemn/ defend this Muslima?


    • Paulus,

      Of course Muslims condemn those comments. It also seems that she has herself apologized for those tweets, although no one can be sure if they are heartfelt apologies.

      But what’s ironic is that none of you Christians has yet to condemn the Islamophobic protesters. So far, you have concentrated on this girl and her offensive tweets and conveniently ignored the other offensive and hate-filled individuals. Hypocrisy much?


  7. D

    You said;
    I shudder to think what would have happened to a young christian girl if she had done the same in front of a group of islamists hate-mongers.

    I say;
    If there is law and order in the country where the Islamists are, and there is a police presence like in the video, the Islamist cannot harm anyone.

    Sadly, the evangelical Christians voted for Bush/Blair war and other wars to cause lawlessness in some Muslim countries.

    Christians go close to Muslims in Malaysia, Egypt, Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iranian Jews are closer to Muslims in Iran etc. even though the Iranians are not happy about the evangelical Christians support for the Zionist Jews to exterminate the Palestinians. Some Muslims may not be happy about the drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan but will not harm any Christian in their mist.

    The freedom of religion in the West was forced on the brutal Christians by liberals who managed to over power the Christians because of fighting among themselves(Christians) to impose their type of Christianity on the other.

    I have been providing this historical source many times so do not ask me to provide it again.



  8. Sadly, the evangelical Christians voted for Bush/Blair war and other wars to cause lawlessness in some Muslim countries.

    The Iraq war of 2003 was unwise, but their purpose was not “to cause lawlessness”. They sincerely thought, based on bad evidence, (but at the time it looked good by Colin Powell in a 45 minute speech before the United Nations), that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and was prepared to use them; and that Al Qaeda members had fled from Afghanistan through Iran (and there is some evidence of this) and they were in Iraq and possibly could get hold of these weapons. The evidence did show that Saddam wanted the world to think that – he was still trying to give that impression, based on the aftermaths of the war with Iran (1980-1988) and the 1990-91 Gulf war to get him out of Kuwait. He was trying to give the impression that he was the regional power.

    And Bush sincerely thought that some sort of Democracy could work there; after Saddam was toppled, but it seems he was wrong about that.

    Evangelical Christians may have voted for Bush as President in 2000, but lots of other people did also. He could not have won with only the evangelical vote. But the decision to go to war into Iraq was later, and many people either believed the appearance of evidence or questioned the wisdom of it. The people did not “vote for Bush/Blair war” – they voted them into office, then later Bush and Blair and other leaders made their decisions as leaders. the decisions may have been wrong and unwise and disastrous, but you cannot say that when the people voted for these guys back in 2000 for Bush and whenever Blair was elected as Prime Minister of England, that the people were “voting for war” back then. That is anachronistic.

    The examples of Libya and other places also show the lack of political wisdom and lack of understanding of these areas by the west.


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