New Light on Ibn Isḥāq’s (d. 150/767) Arabic Version of John 15:23-16:1

New academic paper available online:

“Muḥammad, Menaḥem, and the Paraclete: New Light on Ibn Isḥāq’s (d. 150/767) Arabic Version of John 15:23-16:1,” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 79.2 (forthcoming 2016)

by Sean W Anthony, Professor of Early Islam & Islamic Thought at The Ohio State University.

read PDF here:

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  1. Interesting to know that the article mentions a sect of Jewish followers expecting a person other than the messiah to appear and lead them.It has been narrated in hadith that the Jews during the time of the prophet Muhammad(p) would proclaim to the Arabs that the Prophet will arise and grant them victory over the Arabs. The descriptions of the coming prophet in hadith literature that both Jews and Christians describe as from their scriptures are not found in the canonical Christian scriptures that leads me to believe that these Jews and Christians were referring to distinctly different sources categorised as authoritative gospel or torah traditions that describe the arrival of Muhammad P

    Remember there was no printing press back then.. only the Jewish and Christian elites had access to the traditions and scriptures that were disseminated to their masses accordingly…

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  2. With the name of Allah

    Jazakallah khayr brother Paul, thank you very much for sharing this new research paper, I have been doing some research myself on philological background of Ibn Ishaq’s al-Mnhṃnā arabic rendition of Johanine paraclete which has puzzled me for quite some time partly because I can’t find the rendition in all  accessible online syriac gospels. I did not realised that Ibn Ishaq  may actually refer to another version gospel of John: the CPA. That really helps.

    Also I am really interested with the author analysis  that there  were also other motif behind the significant of al-Mnhṃnā that the jews also expect their own al-Mnhṃnā .

    Maybe I will delve into this matter more.

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