Just posted a brief review on Amazon of a fascinating book: ‘Islam as a Political Religion’



Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 22.38.18

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  1. What was the controversial part of this book, bro, in your opinion?


  2. As salamu alaykum, dear brothers. I have two urgent questions.

    1. I need your expertise to help me pick up right books on the early history of Christianity, as I’m going to begin getting an extensive education about these things. In circles in my land there are usually many talks around Bart Ehrman’s popular works, but it seems to be no guide from the Muslim part about how to deal with this bible-critical scholarship. Maybe there are books which are just irrelevant or inappropriate from an Islamic perspective, while others may do well. So, what would you advice for starters?

    2. After listening to an intriguing K. Blankinship lecture I’ve got more interested in the early political history of Islam and the time of the first Caliphate, its conquests and stuff. Could you recommend something on that? Please, take into account that It’s going to be my first academic read on that subject and the more islamically conform that will be, the safer it turns out for my faith.

    May Allah bless you for your job.


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