He is dead who does not feel the Qur’an move in his hands.

An extract from my spiritual diary

Whenever I read the Quran it speaks powerfully to me. It is not a ‘normal’ text. It has a mysterious transforming spiritual power. I cannot read it as the words of Muhammad. 

Even if I were to try to ignore the Quran and banish it from memory I could not deny its extraordinary spiritual power to speak to me of God and His purposes in a way that utterly convinces me. I just cannot help this. It is a Living Entity whatever I do or think. 

So how can I have a future without this Book being centre stage in my life? John’s Gospel may be spiritually profound to many but the fact nearly all scholars have been forced to conclude that it tells us more of the early churches’ beliefs about Jesus than the actual words of Jesus himself prevents me from trusting it as a historical record of his life and teaching as today’s church claims it to be. 


Categories: Abdal-Hakim Murad, Quran

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  1. Very nice! Ramadan Mubarak btw!

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  2. Lovely, I hope to spend more time with the Quran this coming month

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