James White’s Reaction To Orlando Shooting – Must Watch

This is an excellent discussion by James White (I never thought I would ever say that!). White states correctly and accurately the classical Islamic legal position on terrorism. Kudos!

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  1. This is actually the kind of response I would expect from a typical Christian. The people that post on here such as D and Sam are NOT a representation of real Christianity.

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  2. I listened to this earlier today sped up as James speaks quite slowly on his pod.

    I was anticipating a bit more scuffle with some of the wild-eyed Christians out there. I personally think he had David Wood in mind, if he didn’t not to worry, what he said countered a lot of Wood’s attention-seeking around the Orlando massacre.

    Well done brother James – I was impressed that he knew vigilantism is against Sharia. I wish he had also said Sharia Hadd punishments are not applicable in non-Muslim lands so discussing Sharia in the wake of Orlando is irrelevant.

    Really took the wind out of the sails of the anti-Muslim evangelical-Christian bigots. There seems to be one fella scrambling around on Steve Hays blog looking for a refutation of White (perhaps he is not man enough to confront White directly)

    PS We should not forget after Paris White was talking about two types of Islam. He was saying/intimating the text supports both the ISIS interpretation and the normative Muslim interpretation. If White wants to persist with that line then we will just say the same thing about the Steven Anderson interpretation of Christianity and perhaps more alarmingly for White; the modalist and Unitarian interpretions as the text supports their views too. That’s of course if he still holds to that claim and if he is willing to be consistent with that claim.

    Neverthless, praise for Brother James White from this corner of the net is something to write home about. Well done JW! 🙂

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    • I watched David Wood’s video on Orlando earlier today. He spins his own extremist narrative about Islam and misquotes and distorts the Quran. He is as nutty as a fruit cake.

      White is sweet reason in comparison.

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  3. fair enough.


  4. Its one of the things i admire about James White is that despite his shortcomings he does try to be fair and engage with other peoples ideas.


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