This applies perfectly to ISIS. And to think people say, “Prophet Muhammad condones their beliefs and actions”…

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 20.25.28

Categories: Extremism, Hadith, Islam, Islamophobia, Terrorism

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  1. This is very accurate. I, myself, am a muslim and find their actions utterly atrocious. It is not a part of my religion.

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  2. “Blessed are those who fight them”. So does that mean the US and NATO and SHIA’s are blessed for fighting ISIS?


  3. Nope!…contextually the Prophet is addressing his umma about the prophecy regarding division within his nation that will come to be…and those from his nation that fight the worst of creation are blessed…


  4. Most likely.. i dont know for certain?… haven’t given the hadith much thought..what’s your point!?…


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