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  1. In celebration of three days of unbridled pillage, followed by murder and enslavement of survivors…..



  2. BTW Paul, is it Against Islam to do to the Church of Haggi Sophia what the Caliph did?


  3. Paul what about the last Caliphate and the creation and use of the Janissary armies. Is that against Islam?


    • The creation of Janissary was a solution to a common problem facing govermnments; ensuring loyalty from soldiers unconditionally. A janissary was raised in the sultan’s household from an early age, seperated from thoughts about tribal and religious affinity that could disturb his loyalty to the government.

      They took over this system from the arab caliphate who created the mamluk armies. Turkish boys raised far way from their central asian homelands to become soldiers. This was better for the caliphs as indigenious troops were more loyal to their own tribes and families rather than the authority.

      This was a political solution rather than being a religious issue. As far as i know, non-muslims can not be recrutied as soldiers since they have the status of dhimmi. The ottoman sultans were quite pragmatic like most politicians and it is laughable if you think they consulted scholars in every matter relating to how they excersie their power . None of this however make it right i know. And it was still horrible. But such is the way things work unfortunately.

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    • The janissaries were kidnapped christian children because it would not have been acceptable to kidnap muslim children and force them into the sultan’s army. The islamic faith played a huge role.


    • Non-muslim who are dhimmis according to islamic jurisprudence can not be recrutied as soldiers.

      The ottoman empire adopted the same system the previous islamic empires had implemented; take children far away from their homes so that they will grow up without any attachment to their tribe and homeland, their only provider and ‘family’ the sultans, thereby also assuring that they will stay loyal to the state, unlike the native muslims who have attachment to land, family and tribe.

      You should read Francis Fukyama’s book “The origins of political order and decay” where he also deals with state building in the islamic world, and state building in general.


    • That is why they kidnapped christian children and forcibly converted them to islam before militarizing them. The idea was to have an elite force who had no familial connections, were cut off from their origins, and who were dedicated solely to the caliph.


    • Good that you recognize that. Religion does influence people, politics and cultures. That doesn’t mean every single thing is influenced by it. Hopefully now you know the creation of janissary corpu was about far mote than just religion.


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