Eid Mubarak


Categories: Islam

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  1. Eid Mubarak Paul! Its been a long time! Hope you keeping well


    • Paul, my beloved brother in faith!… Eid Mubarak to you!… May Allah the most Merciful, the most Compassionate answer you duas and bless you in this world and the next! May Allah, the most Generous reward you for your valuable and informative knowledge and beneficial reminders that you share on your wonderful blog. May Allah, the most Wise increase you in knowledge, wisdom and understanding and imam and safeguard you to continue to hurl the truth against falsehood uttered by those who disbelieve. May Allah, the most Loving unite us in paradise my brother. Ameen! Asalamwaleykum!✌


    • This Ramadan was a particular bloody one. I bet you guys are glad this one is over. and happy the slaughter and feast fest only comes once a year


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