Ignatius and Trinity? Paul Williams vs James White Arguments Jonathan McLatchie Speakers Corner

Yahya Snow who made this video (published on 6th July 2016) comments:

I know you brothers and sisters like listening to a bit of Paul Williams at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. I’ve clipped this from 79Sarwar (check his channel out and sub – he has a lot of Hyde Park discussions uploaded, see link below) and added a bit of Dale Tuggy in there along with Edgar G Foster. Enjoy! This discussion is primarily on Ignatius and whether he believed in the Trinity. An excellent example of how Christians overstate their case and when the lens of scrutiny is cast over their arguments one sees their arguments are fallacious. Jonathan McLatchie will hopefully see this. It’s obvious the Trinity belief was unheard of by Jesus and his disciples. It’s effectively church tradition in that it’s a philosophy that culminated in the late 4th century – a philosophy to try and make sense of the collection of books church fathers 200 years after Jesus began declaring to be “inspired”. In order to try and make sense of what appeared to be contradictory writings they came up with the Trinity belief through an evolution of thought which eventually culminated in the 3-self Trinity belief in the 4th century (NOT at the council of Nicea, it was after that although this council was part of the evolution process).

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    • McLatchie does not have the humility to admit that the Bible and the early fathers do not express the doctrine of the trinity = 1 God with three co-equal persons each of which is fully God.

      He appears to be invincibly ignorant. No point in organising a public debate with such a hard core fundamentalist.


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