Dallas: Extreme police violence, radicalizes.

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  1. Leave it to a Muslim to justify the Murder of five brave police officers.


  2. Here is a question for you Paul, who kills more black people.

    a) Police
    b) KKK or other racists
    c) Black people


  3. I would be more inclined to believe that Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter if Black Lives would not take so many Black Lives.


  4. @The Right,

    There’s a distinction between giving context (possible reasons why somebody did what they did) and “justification”.

    Nobody is justifying the murder of these officers.

    People pointing at the backstory as to what radicalised the murderer.


    • Yahya Snow wrote…”Nobody is justifying the murder of these officers.”

      If you don’t condemn it you CONDONE IT. Clearly Paul Williams is condoning what happened as some kind of justice to the false narrative of “Extreme Police Violence”.


    • Lol ever the liar Bobby


    • Paul falsely accusing me of being a Muslim does not change the fact. This blog post and its title actively promoted this terrorist racist attack against extremely brave police officers.

      Kind of funny that while the “black lives matter” (accept when its black lives taking black lives) protesters where running in fear for their lives and hiding behind police. The “extremist” police where running towards the gun fire.


  5. Also again @ TheRight

    You’re question is so contrived to appeal to simplistic thought.

    OK, let’s say black on black crime accounts to more murders of black men than the KKK and the police. That doesn’t mean we should allow the police or the KKK carte blanche to abuse their powers by infringing on black civil liberties and in many cases using disproportional force when encountering them.

    On top of this, you miss the reason why there is so much black on black crime – is it because their neighbourhoods are pumped with drugs, under-developed, under-policed and neglected?


  6. This attack on US police officers is supported from an Islamic point of view.


    • How would Islamic teaching justify this?


    • Islam does not allow attacks on civilians formally. Therefore attacks like in Orlando or Paris are not allowed from a formal Islamic point of view. This attack was directed to the state so it would be allowed from an Islamic point of view in any case.

      I know, the perpetrator was not a Muslim and had no Islamic motivation but we can still support it.


    • My understanding is that Islam condemns vigilante violence such as this. The attack was not authorised by a Muslim government as it needs to be to be legitimate. We are not permitted to take the law into our own hands. No war has been declared either. And the attackers were not even Muslim.

      Lastly, you admit you are not a Mufti. So you have no right to issue fatwas anyway.

      All in all, you are a mischievous troll.


    • Paul, I agree more or less.


  7. Any injustice is wrong. Our world is filled with injustice. The fact that injustice bothers us is revelatory of a living God. Animals do not concern themselves with such a concept.


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