A Tale about Productivity | Jack The Lad


Jack The Lad

It all began with Fajr…

Familiar with a day when you did not pray Fajr and nothing seemed to get done i.e non-productivity reigned the day? Well, this is one of the days for our Red Un-ProductiveMuslim. He wakes up 10 am, rushes to get anything done throughout the day, and by 12 am at night is still not done!

Then there is our Orange ProductiveMuslim. He wakes up for fajr, spends a good productive day, and gets to go to bed on time (not to mention earns a title of “The Best Employee”!).

Need more inspiration on this topic? Read our article here “How to Wake up for Fajr

JUST GO DO IT and Recharge Your Iman with Salah!

Time for Salah? Leave your task there. It won’t grow legs and run away!! And you’ll be able do it much more efficiently and attentively when you return…

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