How a Dice can show that God (almost certainly) exists

Is the universe that produced us just a result of a chance roll of the cosmic dice? Justin Brierley, presenter of the apologetics debate show Unbelievable? explains why his dice proves otherwise.

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  1. There I an easy answer to this.


  2. The straw man fallacy is the method of misrepresenting an idea and then arguing against the misrepresentation.
    Your post is an exact parallel to the evolution deniers favourite argument.
    If you must use the dice analogy, you should at least make it realistic.
    Throw a a handful of dice. Pick out any sixes that land. Then throw more until you have 77 sixes.
    The key is that you select the die you favour. And you can do this in a few dozen throws.

    Finally, the guy in the video suggests that there is no evidence to support Parallel Universes. He is wrong. It’s clear that he is arguing against areas of science that he blatantly does not understand.
    He even had to get a mathematician to calculate 6^77 for him. Good grief.


  3. Where are the Muslim intellectuals engaging atheism. You seem to rely upon Christians to do the hard intellectual work.


    • “Where are the Muslim intellectuals engaging atheism. ”

      He joined ISIS and began engaging atheism with a machete in Bangladesh.


    • Atheism has prospered largely at the expense of Christianity. Most countries with large atheist populations were once majority Christian countries. So, it is not surprising that Christians are more active against atheists. They have already lost so many congregants. Lol!

      There are actually some Muslims who actively engage atheists. I remember seeing some debates between the MDI team and atheists.

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