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  1. I think yahya needs help from his little obsession of ‘quote mining’ people he disagrees with to further his deen.

    Does he have no shame?


  2. Paulus, it’s quote mining to make the point that these individuals in the Islamophobia industry really aren’t the loving types they make themselves out to be at conferences where they are trying to convert people.

    And what’s wrong with quote mining if the quotes are accurate and fairly clipped? Nothing. This is how criticism is done on YT.

    The sad thing is, you have detracted from the problems in character showcased in the video by shifting focus onto me. It’s a clever tactic but it is not helpful for anybody.

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    • That’s the point, they are not accurate. Context is everything.


    • Paulus,

      They are clearly in context. The first two were clearly Nabeel relaying those stories to have a laugh at the gay and the lesbian respectively. The clip of Nabeel mocking an Arab accent if from the context of him getting frustrated in a debate and his guard slip those offended his opponent by what seemed to be bigotry. The one’s of James White are self-explanatory.

      Look, by you agreeing that that behaviour is unacceptable doesn’t mean you’re saying the Bible and Christianity are false. It just means you’re saying a couple of preachers made mistakes and don’t always follow the persona they would like you to see.

      So why be an apologist for that behaviour?

      In fact, those Christians could be leading other Christians, the more emotional ones, towards leaving religion when they see them being in a contradictory manner to their personae whilst trying to convert and preach to people.

      One of the common objections from people who left the church is that of peachers not practicing what they preach.



  3. Paulus is just another demented missionary, just like Qureshi, so it’s not surprising that he’s trying to detract from his less than reputable behavior. That’s what these disturbed and deceitful beasts do in order to dupe gullible people.

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