Qur’an: Do not obey the majority of those on earth

The Holy Qur’an makes clear that majority opinion is misleading. Our guidance cannot come from the ever-changing norms and values of secular democracy which only lead us away from God’s path.


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  1. Your comment demonstrates exactly why Islam (even in moderate form) is not compatible with western political and societal values. Thankyou


    • Yeah because western political and social values are timeless and universal.

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    • By all means go and live somewhere else then. All those lovely nations with varying degrees of sharia compliance are just palaces of luxury, aren’t they?

      Just think, you could try Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi. Instead you feed off and benefit from western values while decrying them. Foolish.

      If Paul is right, being here in the West is only leading you away from God. Quick, you better go…


    • You twist my words Paulus. We are called to follow God’s path and not follow the opinions of men most of whom will lead us astray.

      This applies to any society eastern or western, today or a thousand years ago.


    • The point is more subtle and profound than that. We are called not to follow the opinions of men which are more likely than not to mislead. This applies in any society western, eastern etc.

      We should follow the reliable path God has provided for us in his Revelation.
      Your criticism of the wise Quranic advise suggests you are an uncritical slave of the western zeitgeist yourself.


    • Paul, you said that secular democracy will lead you away from God. That you cannot get your guidance from it. Did you not actually mean that? Do you want to see the UK under sharia law?


    • Paulus, I’d love to live in Turkey! You wanna come along? Or are you only interested in white people countries?

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    • The history of Australia’s colonization demonstrates exactly why Christianity is not compatible with western political and societal values. Thankyou


    • What a biblical action!


    • kmak

      Nonsense. Only the quran makes people do such things.


    • A few decades back average braindead right wing Christian claimed “only the thora makes people do such things.”

      Keep up the tradition D

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    • burhanuddin1

      The poor kid in the article probably had a couple of pubes which would have made him eligible for islamic brutality. But yeah, let’s use the barbaric tragedy to attack other religions and avoid taking responsibility for the repercussions of your faith.


    • D
      yes keep denying your brethren with the same braindead right wing mindset like yourself used the same strategies to to villainise Jews.


    • D: Nonsense. Only the quran makes people do such things.

      To what extent is the killing of children biblical as opposed to Quranic?


  2. Paul,
    If everyone had the same beliefs about God then there would be no problem with all of us following Allah’s path. But we don’t – some have different conceptions of God than others, even within the same religion, and most perversely some don’t even believe in God.
    So what method do you propose to choose between the various ideas on offer about public policy?


    • As Muslims we refer all questions about the nature of God and his purposes to His final revelation to mankind: the Quran. We cannot force anyone to accept it. Our job is simply to communicates the message. It is God alone who opens hearts to the Truth.


  3. D

    Mr. D studies from Sam Shamoun. They have big stomach full of filth but will forget it and insult Muslims who wash their hands and other parts of their bodies several times a day as filth. They do not know the meaning of filth at all. Sam Shamoun said someone was not healed by Allah. This man Shamoun forget he was not healed by Jesus Christ because his stomach keeps expanding and he cannot go back to school and learn like his colleagues had done.

    Mr. D is openly criticizing the Quran here for killing and he forgets the Bible commanded by his God Jesus Christ to kill children, cattle, shave and rape slave girls, kill apostates, etc. and Jesus himself said all his enemies must be killed. What love is that? from God to God-Man coming down to love humans but to be an angry God-Man insulting, hating and calling a woman dog and destroying peoples property by disorderly conduct and turning their tables.

    The God-Man Jesus then publicly and clearly declared that his enemies must be killed and his Christians crusades are doing that till today. Calving killed Michael, Crusaders killed Muslims and Jews, then to themselves, killing Catholics, protestants, Mormons, acquiring slaves etc. until the liberals beat them(Christians) severely to force freedom on religion on them.

    Donald Trump, Newt Gingringe, Ben Carson, Nabeel Quraish etc. know these people will like to kill those who are not following their type of religion but the police is preventing them so at least insult on Islam and Muslim is the what they want and can do now and they do it to get political, monetary and other benefits.

    Sam Shamoun will ignore his big stomach and said someone was not healed by his God. Muslims do not believe in God coming down as God Man to love them but believed this world is a testing place and so are striving with whatever they have be it poor, rich, sick, healthy etc. they do not blame it on God but keep striving and praying to Allah for good.

    You got your God Man coming down to love you but he failed to love you because your suffering especially with some big stomach, the size of 2 pregnant women that prevents you from doing much things except to insult Islam and Muslims. Probably you will get money from Donald Trump supporters who hate Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, blacks, Catholics, Mormons, Spanish, Women, gays, police etc.



  4. Although, this isn’t a 100% spot on analogy, here’s my post about the majority of scholars. The majority of scholars are often wrong as well, in addition to the majority of people.


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  5. Allan – that article of yours is excellent. I totally agree.

    Paul’s quote from the Qur’an 6:119 at least in principle, should cause him to question what “majority of critical scholars say”. they are unbelievers.

    The principle is like Romans 12:1 – “do not be conformed to this world” (world system)

    1 John 2:15-16 – “do not love the world system” (pride, materialism, popularity, lusts, selfishness – “lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the boastful pride of life)


    Matthew 7:13-14

    13 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.

    14 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

    strive to enter by the narrow door, for the way is wide for those who are on it, and many are on it, the road to destruction.

    The narrow door – few enter it and there are few on the straight path

    Most people are on the path to destruction.


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