“Islamophobia does this to folk”

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Categories: Extremism, Islamophobia

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  1. http://workingforjustice123.blogspot.com

    This blog is by a friend of mine who is a member of the ISM and goes to the West Bank almost every summer to document the abuses of the occupation.

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  2. I may be wrong but i think that Dr Browns atagonism against Islam and Muslims seems to corelate with his pro Israel stance. Sad considering that the Qur’an rejects this ‘us vs them’ mentality when comes to religion.

    Remembering the story of Abraham and Ismail building the Kaaba and what it was that defined him. Not where he was born but that he believed in God and worshiped him alone.


  3. I have a good friend of mine who is an Arab Muslim from Gaza. He says that ISIS is more evil than Israel, and believe me, he’s no fan of Israel. I told him that true Christians don’t support Israel just as I know that he and most Arabs from Gaza don’t support ISIS. I then pointed him to “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E. Michael Jones and the dialogue between Theodore Herzl and Pope Pius X. Mr. Snow is entirely correct in exposing Zionists like Dr. Brown because it is they who have the double standard.

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