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  1. Any sane person will count 3 Gods. It has to do about counting but not mystery. Heaven is mystery because nobody has seen heaven. Simple algebra is not a mystery but counting capabilities. The above is algebra.

    Where P = Person

    first P = God

    Second P = God

    Third P = God

    Therefore 3 P’s = 3 Gods.

    Replace p with x

    Please, pardon me, I am telling the truth. We do not have anything like this in Judaism, Islam and some Christianity. Some Christians who believed Jesus Christ died for their sins believed with me on this one. This Christians are among the first Christians who were persecuted by Trinitarians. Fortunately they are still here and Anthony Buzzard and so many Christians like Dr. Kemball-Cook agree with me.

    It is 3 Gods and it is against the Bible and is polytheism and or idol worship.

    We know how to count and this is a counting problem. The councils did not take the counting problem into consideration when defining God i.e. Trinity. Define God? Except Trinitarians who will define God and that is why they are in deep problem when it comes to God.



  2. the first of the three is one in three
    the second of the three is one in three
    the third of the three two in one


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