Harvard Biologist on God and evolution


Here is the quote in context: “God uses evolution to unfold the living world around us. In a similar way, God uses gravity to unfold the universe on a large scale. Neither gravity nor evolution present challenges for Christian Faith. God is the ultimate cause of all that exists. God is that without which there would be no evolution at all. God is both Creator and Sustainer of the universe. In my opinion, God does not only set the initial conditions for the evolutionary process, but instead lifts an entire trajectory into existence. The entire trajectory is known to God, who exists outside of time, eternal and a-temporal, all-knowing and all-loving. ”


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  1. I am aware that Muslims are largely creationists when it comes to the question of evolutionary theory, perhaps the clearest explanation as to why comes from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Seyyed Hossein Nasr however i have noticed that you have posted a exert from Charles Gai Eaton where he allows for flexibility.

    The Qur’an as far as I understand it states the Adam was created through Gods command and had no parents, cf Qur’an 3:59. With that in mind how could one reconcile evolution with the Qur’an?

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  2. Salamun alaikum,

    There’s nothing in the Quran that contradicts at least(!) the animals evolution. Most of the deniers don’t have even proper knowledge about biology and exspecially evolution at all. These people can not expand their minds further and thus the mind creates alleged conflicts with evolution and religion.

    Regarding the creation of Adam (as), the issue is a little bit more complex, and I can not write down everything on this now. However, I think we should give a chance to alternative interpretations like that Adam came indeed out of ancestors, and that the clay creation refers to his absolute origin (Abiogenesis); remember, Iblis said he orginated from fire, but he wasn’t the first Jinn, it was his absolute origin!

    But they are of course probably “problematic” verses and ahadith that would refute this new suggestion. As I said, I can not write everything down but there are indeed some solutions also for these ones-we just have to reinterpret them!

    By the way. I still understand the Quran literally and not as a metaphor,just for the case someone accuses me. And God (swt) knows best.

    God (swt) bless you all!

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    • As I said, we just should discuss alternate interpretations and make their problems clear. Of course it seems more plausible that he was created directly out of clay.

      Actually this long ongoing creationism-evolution dualism is so unneccessary, even if Adam as is created in an extraordinary way.

      We have indeed other important issues to deal with.

      God swt created us, be it either this or that way.


  3. I few months ago, I wrote a post against Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin who was promoting theistic evolution and turning the Bible on its head. He did read the post and gave a bit of feedback.



    • Haven’t previous Popes such as John Paul II and recently Francis openly supported Theistic evolution?
      As far as I understand it the Catholic Church does not officially take any position on this issue.

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    • There is actually good evidence that JP2’s comment on evolution was a mistranslation. Regardless, JP2 and B16 probably believed in it. Francis does for sure. Despite all of this, I am at perfect liberty as a Catholic to critique theistic evolution. In the post, I didn’t quote magisterial documents. I just showed how Akin was actually taking the exact opposite approach as the Biblical text does.


    • I have just finished reading your article and it would seem to me that the central objection that you have to Akin and (perhaps) to Francis, Benedict, and John Paul II is that they may assume the contemporary “liberal” understanding of the Torah, for anyone who doesn’t know this simply put the Torah was constructed through at least four different strands of oral and legal traditions that were finally written down and edited into what we have today during the reign of King Josiah after the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile.

      Sadly your position lacks credibility in the scholarly world as most scholars in the Torah affirm the aforementioned explanation. So rather than beg the question you would need to prove that Moses authored the Torah and also that one should take a literal approach to interpreting the Genesis account. This will take more than simply quoting what is an archaic English translation of the Bible and claiming victory.

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    • When you can show me proof for any of that, I’ll take your position seriously.


    • I’m sorry Allan thats not how a discussion works, you are the one who brought up the point about creationism all the while denying what your own scholars say about the construction of the Torah with such confidence as well. When you are asked to defend this view you decide to backtrack by shifting the burden of proof onto me. Methinks you don’t have an argument but rather are simply towing the party line (one that has already been dissolved).

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    • Patrice, you’re saying that I don’t have an argument when all you’re doing is “scholars say”. That’s not an argument. Also, you didn’t say directly but seemed to imply that the three Popes that I mentioned agreed with the JEPD theory. Please give statements from them saying that they believe this if thats what you were arguing. According to Jesus Christ himself, Moses wrote the Torah. Read Mark 10:1-5. Also, in the Quran in Surah 3:50, Jesus confirmed the Torah between his hands. Sure, scholars say a lot of things. If they can’t substantiate their theory then its worthless.

      I wrote a post refuting the “most scholars say….” argument.



    • No Allan i’m saying you don’t have an argument because thus far you have failed to make one, however referring to scholars who literally spend decades studying these texts is a bad thing? While it is true one should be critical with any view that is put forward but that means actually engaging the issue and taking the time to understand why these views are held rather than waving them off because they challenge your world view.

      I wasn’t arguing that the Popes i referred to accepted the documentary hypothesis, to be honest i neither know nor do i care. I must finally respond briefly to your attempt of bringing the Qur’an in as a source, nice to see you recognize its divine authority šŸ˜‰ However the problem is a categorical error as the Qur’an is not referring to the five books of Moses but rather the revelation given to Moses which the Qur’an clearly states was taught by God to Jesus directly:

      “And He will teach him writing and wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel” – Surah 3:48
      (nb the writing and wisdom refers to the teaching of the Prophets according to the notes in the Sahih International translation)

      It all well and good to reject ideas and accept them but it takes something very different to actually back them up which bringing it back to the original point of the post.

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  4. Martin Nowak is a smart man. He agrees with Francis Collins.


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