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  1. Bit OTT don’t you think?


  2. My goodness the amount of stories i have read where people have almost died because they were so fixated on this game is simply astounding.

    On a side note i’m surprised that PETA haven’t said anything yet considering people are running around capturing live animals and then training them to battle one another!


  3. The shock stories are of course greatly exaggerated, as they usually are.


    • how do you know?


    • Because the number of people playing the game vs the number of accidents / incidents demonstrates so.


    • I never said that it represents a majority of players only that there are people who do play the game (a minority) that this is happening and the image of the post brought it to my mind. Personally as long as people are responsible then it should not bother anyone.

      But sadly this game while getting people out of the house and exploring their towns and cities (the often referenced positive case) it does so while their faces are glued to their phones which is the case most of the time anyway without the game. Hence why i think the image has a Pikachu in control riding the person around rather than the person.


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