In praise of Zionist Muslims

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  1. At least she did not come openly to ban all Muslims like how Donald Trump did. Unfortunately for Muslims, Arabs and or Palestinians the US evangelical Christians have much say in both democrats and republicans. Some of the US presidents themselves like Obama gave Israel to go ahead to destroy Gaza and kill the children everywhere including marked UN compound.

    Yes, Obama gave Israel permission by coming out on TV any time to endorse the Israel crime and say “Israel has the right to defend itself”- this phrase is obligatory, compulsory and mandatory for all US presidents especially now. The US congress both democrats will give the prime minister of Israel standing ovation several times in his speech than any American president in history.

    So, it is not Hilary Clinton alone but all the president of the US including Obama are not sympathetic to Muslims. What made Donald Trump stand out is that he come out publicly to scorn all Muslims and said “Islam hate us” just to get votes from Islam and Muslim haters.

    Clinton is better than the 2 evils. It is worse for Muslim Americans not to vote. There must vote and voting for Clinton is better than voting for Donald Trump who openly hate all Muslims.

    May be if the Muslims helped her to win like how Jews and Evangelicals Christians always does, she will change her attitutes towards Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.

    Donald Trump is not a wise vote for Muslims at all.



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