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  1. So he’s saying at the end, that the quantum vacuum (which is something) is eternal. That’s his starting premise.

    And I guess he’s suggesting the quantum vacuum is the cause of the universe’s existence – or at least, from where the universe came to be.

    If we ask, yes, but where did the quantum vacuum come from, he will say, it was pre-existing. And he did say, ‘like God’ or something like that.

    But there is a clear difference. God is defined as a Being with Will and Intelligence. 1) The quantum vacuum has no Will, I presume. Intelligence? It begs the same question: why did the universe spring from there?

    2) We have testimony from religious traditions across times and spaces too that God has revealed information about Himself as the Originator. But the quantum vacuum as being eternally pre-existing is purely conjectural. So there is a difference here too.

    3) The definition (or the best word we have) that best describes the pre-existing power (with will and intelligence) that enabled the universe to become… Is God (Allah)

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