Former Extreme Right German MP Werner Klawun converts to Islam

From Today’s Breaking.

This gives hope that other anti-Muslim and anti-Islam extremists such as David Wood will also break from their hate and find peace with God and Muslims in the religion of Islam.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 18.33.20

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  1. Research, reflection, sincerity and guidance.

    These Islamophobic hate groups and haters are empty shells. They stand for nothing positive and if they are stranded on an island with no Muslims they will have nothing to do and realise their Islamophobic lives are meaningless.

    I’m not surprised this man found Islam after his retirement. As an old man who was not part of the hate campaign anymore he must have realised he was empty.

    For the Islamophobes who are reading this, this is how you will feel if you continue to your retirement (not to mention the money in the industry is dwindling so it doesn’t seem like the industry can support all those empty shells looking for a few pay days).


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  2. Another German journalist did so a couple of weeks ago. Madmanna said, he is not popular. Whether popular or not he has converted to Islam. madmanna, how about this one? Is he also not popular. How about the other guy and his son? Arnoud van Doorn



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