Paul Williams and Jewish brother VS Atheist: Is there really a GOD? (PART 2)

Filmed last Sunday. Sometimes one can have a civilised and intelligent discussion at Speakers Corner  

Categories: God, Islam, Speakers Corner

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  1. Interesting discussion Paul.

    I think the the non-panentheism and the panentheist view might be resolved with the following:

    If we consider God’s Will to be part of Him…afterall it is His will and only His will, then when God makes something out of nothing, it is in a sense out of Himself but also not out of Himself because in doing so, He does not diminish in anyway (not that I am assuming that panentheism thinks that the universe diminishes God compared to when the universe did not exist).

    Also, the atheist was claiming that we are created from something that is not God….he misunderstood you, right?

    You are not saying that God went to some entity and made us out of that entity….you are also claiming that at one point, nothing existed other than God.


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