Sam Shamoun stop the Jealousy and Hate of Br. Ijaz


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IMG_2977 Saying Hi all the way from Canada, Sam.

IMG_2975 Stop the hate dude, tell Anthony Rogers to stop it too

IMG_2978 15 years of hate and wasted efforts, Sam. Give up

IMG_2976 Luis Dizon and Ijaz with love.

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    • So “defendchrist”, I assume you have no problem when your fellow Christians hurl abuses at those who don’t follow their religion? I guess their behavior is very Christ-like?


  1. Correction. The gutter an sewage are actually too clean for either Yahya Slime and Ijaz. Courtesy of Yahya Slime:


    • Just in case you were wondering what I am referring to:

      Ijaz Ahmad So what if David is into water sports? He likes to be urinated on, a little water play, it keeps him from bashing people’s heads in. A little wee is a cure for his insanity.
      2 · July 29 at 3:55pm

      I am going to be posting this for all to see what kind of wicked vile thug this guy is. I will even post this on Shabir’s FB seeing how happy he was to meet this thug.


    • Hi Sam,

      I give you 100% permission to share that on my behalf. I hope you read the other comments on that post where we were imitating you and your speech. As they say imitation is the best form of flattery, so thank you for sharing our impressions of you. It means a lot!

      Feel free to send it to Dr. Shabir, and anyone else you want to see how we imitate you. By the way, I think it’s cute that you’ve blocked me Facebook but are still stalking my profile. Keep it up bud!

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