And now for some good news: Britain First face ruin after losing High Court battle

An extremist militant Christian party faces ruin reports The Huffington Post today

Oh dear.

Britain First has lost a High Court battle with Bedfordshire Police and could be facing ruin.

The force’s successful injunction bid means leader’s Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen are barred from entering Luton and any mosque in England and Wales for three years, reports the BBC.

They are also forbidden from directing their activists into the town.


Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen join British First group protest march at Bury Park on June 27, 2015 in Luton.

The result could spell the end of the group, with Golding explaining in a video message last month that it risked being “bled dry with endless court appearances and injunctions that simply make it impossible for Britain First to continue operating”.

He said: “I have some shocking and disgusting news to inform you of today. Britain First has received notification that once again we are being dragged to the High Court by Luton Police.

“What we are dealing with here is a direct challenge to exist as a political party. Why do I say that? It’s simple. If Luton police can achieve an injunction against a legally registered party then what’s to stop then what’s to stop every other town obtaining similar injunctions”.

Paul Golding, turns his back Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party makes an acceptance speech as the new Mayor of London at City Hall on May 06.

He added: “If we lose this court hearing, as we are dealing with the highest court in the land, the ruling will bind all other courts. Thus, if we lose it becomes ridiculously easy for other police forces to obtain injunctions.

“As this is the High Court in London we simply have to win. If we lose, not only will we face an avalanche of other injunctions being sought but we will probably be liable for the costs of the other side which will run into the tens of thousands of pounds. This is literally all or nothing.

“If we do not win we are finished and I mean that with all seriousness,” Golding concluded.

Britain First rely on donations for funding their legal costs and a recent event highly publicised by the group only managed to raise £800.

The ruling comes just over a year after authorities failed to gain an almost identical injunction in anticipation of a planned Britain First march last June.

Britain First has staged a number of marches in Luton which it calls an “Islamist hotspot”.

In January, Golding and his deputy, Jayda Fransen, led a small contingent of activists through Luton handing out newspapers and confronting local Muslims in what anti-extremist charity Tell Mama said was an “intimidating” fashion aimed at “inflaming” tensions.

Golding was later arrested, charged and fined £450 for “wearing a uniform with political objectives” under the Public Order Act 1936, a law originally enacted to tackle Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, also known as the ‘Blackshirts’.

Fransen, 30, was also arrested and charged with religiously aggravated harassment over the incident, a separate case that is still ongoing.

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4 replies

  1. lol.
    Golding is a bit of a drama queen. I can imagine him whining on a YT vid about this. May search for the vid when I’m up for a laugh.

    Fantastic news!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “The force’s successful injunction bid means leader’s Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen are barred from entering Luton and any mosque in England and Wales for three years”,
    If they converted to Islam, would the ban still apply? They could pray in a Glasgow mosque perhaps.


  3. It seems strange that they carry crosses , symbols of Christianity , are they implying Britain is a Christian nation or perhaps saying any one who is British must be of that religion only? I believe the main thrust of their teaching is Britain for the British but I wonder how they define foreigners? In a similar way Mr Trump is saying America for the Americans but what does he mean by an American?
    Such teaching is part of our natures , we fend for our own , look after our families , show most concern for friends and neighbors. It is a form of tribalism that goes back thousands of years and helped us to survive , but is it the correct moral stance in today’s world?
    If we chose to block free speech and silence Paul Golding others will spring up to voice the same opinions and they are widespread. Once we chose to resilience men and women we are on a dangerous path that may one day shut our own mouths.



  1. Discipleship to look at – Belgian Ecclesia Brussel – Leuven

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