Rabbi Tovia Singer Shows that Paul Quoted a Nonexistent Prophecy of Jesus’s Death and Resurrection

‘It would be easy to argue that Paul was the most important convert to Christianity. Had Paul not joined the small, inauspicious movement, if he had not engaged in his extensive missionary activity, the fledgling group would have joined the ranks of many other Jewish sectarian movements, and vanished without a trace. Instead, as a direct result of Paul’s influence, Christianity was transformed into a worldwide religion across the Roman Empire and beyond. How did Paul manage to develop a small Jewish sect into a worldwide religion? In this eye-opening broadcast, Rabbi Tovia Singer illustrates how Paul invented and manipulated passages from the Jewish Scriptures in order to persuade potential converts that Jesus was the promised Jewish messiah.’

Categories: Bible, Christianity, Judaism

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  1. i love this rabbi, very smart man. great sense of humor


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