‘Mike Licona: Gospel of Matthew may have been changed and edited heavily’

Actually what evangelical scholar Mike Licona says in the video below is consistent with what virtually all scholars conclude: the apostle Matthew did not write the gospel that goes by his name today. So no news really, except for Christians who are not familiar with New Testament scholarship. This can be a painful awakening. It certainly was for me as a Christian. Hey-ho..



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  1. Hey paul, (off topic) but I’d like some feedback on my little paper! https://ponderingislam.com/2016/07/24/prophet-muhammad-in-the-bible/

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  2. I wonder why Ken and the other apologists are avoiding this thread?

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  3. Sam Shamoun, must be burning on the inside, alongside,David Woods the convicted criminal and clinically diagnosed Psychopath, and Nabeel Qureshi as well as the fake ”DR”’ James White. Unlike them, Dr Mike Licona is an actual scholar, recognized on both spectrums of the debate: conservative scholarship and liberal scholarship. For him to be speaking the Truth, even if in watered-down terms, exposes the lies of the conservative apologists! Shamoun is not even a scholar, just a high-school drop-out fundamentalist, who rejects facts.Whilst Nabeel is qualified in ”apologetics” ( i.e being biased and defending the Bible no matter what) not in textual criticism or the historical study of the Bible.

    These clowns have already been exposed by Bart Ehrman. Now its Dr Licona, who is exposing them!!


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