Liberté. Égalité. Fraternité…Unless You’re a Muslim Woman

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I post this from the south of France.

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  1. I guess it’s ok to show off your tits and ass,but if a women who in good conscience refuses to lower her standards of modesty/decency for the sake of the Secular state standards/or lack of,of modesty and decency (of course us religious folk don’t place any power higher than God, Secular or otherwise) all of the sudden it becomes a huge deal.

    Imagine that folks, I doubt France has banned porno or the seedy swinger/strip clubs. But a women who in good conscience and good taste I may add, refuses to show off her God giving body parts for the sake of self respect/and to honor God is deemed as a rebel or public misfit, it really goes to show how F’ed up and distorted the Secular world view really is. It is ass backwards.

    Those white folks (im one too) would do well to keep their pale body’s out of the sun. Skin cancer ain’t no joke…Just saying

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  2. One thing I don’t understand nor agree with is France’s ban on Muslim women’s clothing like this shows. The Muslim women should be free to cover up if they want to. and it is more modest.

    I guess in airports, the full face veil is a problem (they need to be able to identify people and their face), but covering one’s body and hair and being modest is a good thing.

    Tight clothing and showing cleavage and short skirts (like mini-skirts) are not proper.

    I also agreed with Paul’s earlier post that the Muslim vollyball women were much more modest than the American/western women – it is shameful that they play in bikinis or almost bikinis, IMO.

    Modesty is important and western lack of modesty is not good.

    And the point about skin cancer above is a good point.

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  3. Ken,

    What? Me and you agree about something…lol

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  4. I agree with Ken too!!! Wow! 😀

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  5. Eve’s face wasn’t covered after she sinned.

    Rebekah veiled her face when Isaac was near just before they got married. Probably to keep her beauty a surprise for him till the wedding day. Before that she was not veiled.

    In the NT the head of the woman had to be covered during worship. She had to dress moderately at all times.

    So the bible is against full face covering as a permanent state of dress for the woman.


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