What Is God Like Tawheed or Trinity? I Dr. Shabir Ally and Jonathan McLatchie

Christian Muslim Dialogue: 16th August 2015, Woolwich Common Community Centre, London, U.K.


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  1. What is God like?

    I like to think of God in a T-shirt tuxedo in the front row of a Lynnard Skinner concert rocking out-

    A horrible paraphrase from Talledega nights


  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself


  3. Pride is the biggest enemy to the truth.

    These are the lengths that christians have to go to in order to surpress common sense and inttelect.:

    Boys and Girls let this be a warning to you. Pride is a dangerous thing. If you hold onto something so much out of the fear of admitting you were wrong/stupid for believing it in the first place there is no length to what intellectual suicide you would not be willing to commit in order to avoid the truth.


  4. Utter drivel from Jonathan… There are so many inaccuracies and just plain old ignorance especially when talking about the Quran that I don’t know where to start.

    Let me just make one glaring mistake which many, many christians make when trying to use other religions scriptures as proof text. It starts when Jonathan quotes ….. at around 1:35:29 into the video claiming that it is foretelling of the coming of Jesus (PBUH), when in fact, it is not talking about Jesus at all as it is talking about the past tense and not the future tense which is 700 or so years ahead of the scripture. The Hebrew says “he was born” “He has been born” and God called him so and so but in the new testament version, it changes the words and the order of the narrative. So instead of saying “God called him such and such” the new testament says “And he is God”. It is so embarrassing it hurts.

    Hebrew translation of ISAIAH 9:6 onwards:

    the wonderous advisor, mighty God eternal father, called his name, the prince of peace (yet again notice the past tense)

    christian distorition:

    Wonderful counsellor, The mighty God, the everlasting father, The prince of peace.

    Notice the slight of hand?

    Even I only learnt this recently from watching a video posted on this very blog:


    Its is NOT talking about a future person to come. Are we to believe all these christian apologetics people and scholars don’t know about this??

    It is hard to believe that these people are genuinely confused and not just insidiously trying to lead people astray straight to satan.


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