The Qur’an’s continuing relevance to today’s Christian worship

And behold! God will say: “O Jesus the son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of God’?” He will say: “Glory to Thee! never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, thou wouldst indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is in my heart, Thou I know not what is in Thine. For Thou knowest in full all that is hidden. Quran 5:115



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  1. That’s Qur’an Surah 5:116.

    And Protestants totally agree that those Roman Catholics are wrong in their worship of a statue of Mary and praying to her.

    But the Qur’an got the Trinity wrong there and that shows the author of Qur’an did not understand what the doctrine was, and so that proves the Qur’an is not from God at all.

    Even Roman Catholicism in official documents distinguishes between latria (worship only for God) and hyperdulia (honor for Mary) and dulia (honor for dead saints), but they still give the appearance of idolatry, as you as a Muslim are showing what a bad example and bad witness they are by bowing down to statues of Mary.

    So, you have proved Protestants correct, and Islam false, since it didn’t get the doctrine of the Trinity right.


    • “But the Qur’an got the Trinity wrong there”

      Wrong. The Quran does not mention the Trinity in that verse. This is an error many missionaries make.


    • Williams, I want to again personally thank you for raising an objection which ends up proving that Muhammad was a false prophet. If bowing and/or kissing an image/idol/statue is worship then you just proved your profit was an idolatrous pagan for worshiping the black stone!

      The following lengthy citation provides some additional details concerning the ways in which Muhammad and his followers venerated (and continue to venerate) this inanimate stone object:

      It is Sunnah to perform certain acts in tawaf as given below:

      Facing the Black Stone at the start of the tawaf while uttering a takbir (Allahu-Akbar), and a tahlil (La ilaha illahlah), and raising one’s hands as they are raised in prayers, and if possible touching it with both hands and kissing it quietly, or placing one’s cheek on it. Otherwise, one may touch it with one’s hand and kiss the hand, or touch it with something, and then kiss it, or if even that is not possible, one may just point to it with a stick, etc. as is mentioned in some of the ahadith given below.

      Ibn ‘Umar said: “Allah’s Messenger faced the Black Stone, touched it, and then placed his lips on it and wept for a long time.” ‘Umar also wept for a long time. The Prophet said: ‘O ‘Umar, this is the place where one should shed tears.” (Reported by Al-Hakim, who considers it a sound hadith with a sound chain of authorities)

      It is reported by Ibn ‘Abbas that ‘Umar bent down towards the Black Stone and said: “By Allah! I know that you are A MERE STONE, and if I had not seen my beloved Prophet kissing you and touching you I would have never done so.” The Qur’an says: “You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct).”‘ (Qur’an 33.32) This was reported by Ahmad and others in slightly different words.

      Nafi’ said, “I have seen Ibn ‘Umar touching the Black Stone with his hand, and then kissing his hand and saying: ‘Ever since I saw the Prophet doing this, I have never failed to do that.”’ (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim)

      Sowayd bin Ghaflah said: “I have seen ‘Umar kissing the Black Stone and touching it.” He further said: “I know that the Prophet was especially very particular about it.” (Muslim)

      Ibn ‘Umar reported that Allah’s Messenger used to come to Ka’bah, touch the Black Stone and then say: Bismillahi wallahu akbar (In the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest.)” (Ahmad)

      Muslim has reported on the authority of Abu Tufail that he said: “I have seen the Prophet making tawaf around the Ka’bah and touching it with a stick and then kissing the stick.”

      Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Daw’ud reported that ‘Umar approached the Black Stone and kissed it. Then he said: “I know that you are A MERE STONE that can neither harm nor do any good. If I had not seen the Prophet kissing you, I would have never kissed you.”

      Al-Khatabi said: “This shows that abiding by the Sunnah of the Prophet is binding, regardless of whether or not we understand its reason or the wisdom behind it.”

      Such information devolves obligation on all those whom it reaches, even if they may not fully comprehend its significance. It is known, however, that kissing the Black Stone signifies respect for it, recognition of our obligation toward it, and using it as a means of seeking Allah’s blessings. Indeed Allah has preferred some stones over others, as He preferred some countries and cities, days and nights, and months over others. The underlying spirit of all this is unquestioning submission to Allah.

      In some ahadith which say that “the Black Stone is Allah’s right hand on earth,” we do find, however, a plausible rationale and justification for this statement. In other words whosoever touches the Black Stone he pledges allegiance to Allah, as it were, by giving his hand into the hand of Allah, just as some followers do pledge their fealty to their kings and masters, by kissing and shaking hands with them.

      Al-Muhallib said: “The hadith of ‘Umar refutes the assertions of those who say that ‘The Black Stone is Allah’s right hand on earth wherewith He shakes the hands of His slaves.’” God forbid that we should ascribe any physical organs to Allah [sic]. The commandment to kiss the Black Stone is meant to test and to demonstrate palpably as to who obeys and submits. It may be compared with the command to Iblis to bow to Adam.

      We have no definite evidence, however, to believe that any of the stones used in building the Ka’bah originally (by Ibrahim and Isma’il), is still in existence today excepting the Black Stone. (Sayyid Saabiq, Fiqh-Us-Sunnah, Volume 5: Tawaf or Circumambulation around Ka’bah, Number 74b; capital emphasis ours)

      Pay close attention to how Muhammad would touch and kiss the black stone, as well as place his cheek on it, taking its station as a place for weeping. Muhammad would also kiss his hand after touching the stone, and he would use a stick to reach it and then kiss that if he was unable to it. And even though they didn’t (and still don’t) understand the wisdom behind it the Muslims continue(d) to implement this practice of their prophet since they thought/think that they would/will receive a blessing by doing so.

      As if this wasn’t bad enough, the above reference asserts that some Muslims actually believed that the black stone is Allah’s right hand on earth and that to touch it is to shake Allah’s right hand!

      You got one thing right. The Quran is truly relevant for today since it highlights why no one should follow Muhammad since he was a false prophet who turned his followers into idolatrous pagans.


    • Your groans are just beginning Williams. According to the Quran, your god commanded the angels to worship Adam:

      And when we said to the angels, “Bow down and WORSHIP (osjudoo) Adam,” then WORSHIPPED they all (fasajadoo), save Eblis. He refused and swelled with pride, and became one of the unbelievers. S. 2:34 Rodwell

      And when I shall have fashioned him and breathed of my spirit into him, then FALL YE DOWN AND WORSHIP HIM (sajideena).” And the Angels BOWED DOWN IN WORSHIP (Fasajada), all of them, all together, Save Eblis: he refused to be with those who BOWED DOWN IN WORSHIP (al-sajideena). S. 15:29-31 Rodwell

      When I shall have formed him, therefore, and shall have breathed my spirit into him, DO YE FALL DOWN AND WORSHIP HIM (sajideena ). And all the angels WORSHIPPED [him] (Fasajada), in general; except Eblis, [who] was puffed up with pride, and became an unbeliever. [God] said [unto him], O Eblis, what hindreth thee from WORSHIPPING (tasjuda) that which I have created with my hands? Art thou elated with vain pride? Or art thou [really] one of exalted merit? S. 38:72-75 Sale

      The Arabic word for worship is sajda, which is where you get masjid from, and which is the worship that is supposed to be given to God alone. Therefore, by commanding angels to bow down to a finite, fallible creature Allah is guilty of promoting idolatry and shirk, and must therefore punish himself in hell for being a mushrik.

      Way to go Williams! Keep up the great work of helping us expose Muhammad and his deen for the glory of Jesus!



  2. There were Christian sects in Arabia which believed the Trinity to be The Father, Jesus, and Mary:

    Reverend Gilbert Reid D.D.,
    “AS TO CHRISTIANITY AS IT WAS REPRESENTED IN ARABIA, it was not a clear untarnished theism, but TRITHEISM. THE HEAVENLY FATHER, MARY THE MOTHER OF GOD AND JESUS THEIR SON, WERE WORSHIPPED AS THREE GODS, and their images appeared in the churches along with the images of other saints. Christianity as taught by Christ had lost its identity in the formalism and errors of the church of Arabia. Still more the truths pro-claimed by God through all the ages had been lost sight amid the vain imaginings of men’s hearts. The only God of, an omnipresent spirit, without form or body. THE REFORMATION OF MOHAMMED WAS THUS A RETURN TO THE FIRST AND SECOND COMMANDMENT OF THE PROPHET MOSES, WHICH JESUS HIMSELF HAD TAUGHT.” (Gilbert Reid – The Biblical World: volume 48, Number. 1, page 12)

    George Sale:
    “THIS NOTION OF THE DIVINITY OF THE VIRGIN MARY WAS ALSO BELIEVED BY SOME AT THE COUNCIL OF NICE, WHO SAID THERE TWO GODS BESIDES THE FATHER, VIZ., CHRIST AND THE VIRGIN MARY, AND WERE THENCE NAMED MARIAMITES. Others imagined her to be exempt from humanity, and deified; which goes but little beyond the Popish superstition in CALLING HER THE COMPLIMENT OF THE TRINITY, as if it were imperfect with her. This foolish imagination is justly condemned in the Koran as idolatrous….” (The Koran translation and Notes (2007) by George Sale page 27)


    • I am going to again expose flyingibnmuta to actually cite any of the church fathers to prove there were people who called Mary a god/goddess. I am going to further challenge to cite any reliable sources from the time that his false profit lived proving there were Mariamites/Collyridians who were around at that time.


    • Pally Willy

      You wrote several pages of text just to prove Muslim kiss black stone how Jews kill the Western Wall in Jerusalem prove nothing. Dr. Jamal Badawi asked Christians if kiss is worshiping and the one who is kissed is God then does that means peoples wives and husbands are God?

      The picture of virgin Mary in the posts is seeing people not kissing the statue but kneeling and praying to the statue of virgin Mary and that is worshiping her and it is idolatry and making her God.

      Pally Willy show us where Muslims create a statue of Kaaba and kneeling in front of it and saying “Kaaba help me”. No mention of Kaaba in any Muslim prayers but some Christians ask virgin Mary for help.

      kissing is not worship but kneeling in front of a statue and praying is idolatry and worship. Why use statue in the first place? that is against the law of Moses.

      You are a damn blast liar, no Muslim believes the Kaaba is the hand of God. What lies is that? Any way you work with Nabeel Quraish who keep lying to Christians that Ahmadis will go to Syria and fight with isis. That is not possible by Dr. Nabeel told Christians it is possible if he remained in his former faith(Qadiani) he would have gone to Syria to fight.



    • What a silly question to ask Scam-Moon. Only atheists would come up with such a question as to bring concrete evidence that there were trinitarians who believed Father, Jesus and Mary. Let me expose you and answer this question if you dare,

      show me ONE evidence outside the NT where someone spoke about Jesus when he was ALIVE. Not evidence from 10, 20, 50 years later. Show me one evidence from when Jesus alive, where he identified your pagan god you worship (non-Christian source would be appreciated).

      Because you have asked this question, I will be going back to my notes I have saved over the years and write few articles humiliating you missionaries and expose what sort of a paganistic religion you follow. Watch this space 🙂 😛 😉


    • Flyingibnmuta’s comments is illustrative of the brain damage caused by reciting the Quran and following the sunna. Note his pathetically bad false analogy. I am not asking for evidence that your women enslaving and raping profit existed at the time your sources claim he did. Rather, I asked for evidence that A FOURTH CENTURY SECT CALLED THE COLLYRIDIANS WERE STILL FLOURISHING IN ARABIA DURING THE SEVENTH CENTURY, SOME FOUR HUNDRED YEARS LATER!

      With that said, since your stupid enough to raise this counter objection let m now turn against your profit. Please quote a source from the seventh century, specifically from between 635-655 AD that mentions a false profit named Muhammad, and further quote a source from that time period that mentions a Quran consisting of 114 chapters.

      Yep, you keep writing your crap that makes the Quran sound coherent and we will keep flushing it down the toilet where it belongs.

      BTW, you will love what about to unleash your deceptive and pathetic article on Q. 9:29 and Tabuk. It will even make your profit regret for producing people like you. 😉


    • What a pathetic response Scam-moon, you have no shame. But what can say, when people like you worship a man FULLY (all the way from his legs to his head 🙂 )..

      I am really excited to see your piece on 9:29 and you shall see a rebuttal to it as soon as paste it 🙂

      Let me go back to asking you the question again,

      SHOW me ONE evidence outside the NT where someone spoke about Jesus when he was ALIVE. Not evidence from 10, 20, 50 years later. Show me one evidence from when Jesus alive, where he identified your pagan god you worship (non-Christian source would be appreciated).

      The evidence I produced on Mary being worshipped came straight from your Christian scholars.

      I have just unearthed a papyri where Mary is being called THEOTOKOS and thanks to James White (your buddy) I have further found evidence that Christians worshipped Mary all the way from the Church fathers to the past few centuries.

      Let me say it, triple ouch 🙂 😛 😉


  3. Site 1 that comment was offensive. I have deleted it.


  4. I wonder what St Mary would think about her being adorned with such praise. Her life was evidence she did not think nearly as much about herself due to her proximity to God.

    Dude i have been reading way too much Rumi 🙂


  5. Pally Willy

    God did not asked the angel to worship Adam but to show respect to Adam. You need to attend Arabic school and learn Arabic if you want to challenge Islam otherwise you will continue to disgrace yourself. Arabic word “Ibadah” means to worship God but sajada, bajala etc. can mean to “worship” or show respect just as in worshiping your car, worshiping your money, etc. which does not mean asking help from your car or saying your money is God but just devoting your time and everything for your money and car.

    sajada, bajal can mean the worship in English language which in some cases means respect, showing honor like “your worship” or even bowing to Judges of the superior courts to show respect but not necessarily meaning you are worshiping them as Gods.

    In so many traditions, people including Muslims and non Muslims bow down to their elders to show respect. If you visit such communities especially in many African countries and say they are worshiping their elders the will push your stomach until it flattened up or they will slap you.

    Allah did not say the angels to worship Adam as God but to show respect to Adam because Adam is the best of Allah creations with knowledge that the Angels and the Jinns do not have and to test the arrogance of satan.

    ALLAH DID NOT ASK THE ANGELS TO WORSHIP ADAM AS GOD BUT TO SHOW HIM RESPECT. It is been done in English and most countries of the world to “worship” i.e. respect someone without necessarily worshiping him as God the creator of everything


    Dr. James White is always the creator of this nonsense and other Christians like Sam Shamoun will follow up. I heard him on youtube uttering this nonsense with no Arabic knowledge. He has stopped his Arabic lessons from his tutor. He has seen how challenging it is to learn Arabic especially classic Quran Arabic.

    Sam Shamoun and Nabeel Quraish telling lies to Christians that they know Islam and Arabic but they are liars.



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