Why a Christian Can View Muhammad as a Prophet


Dr. Craig Considine

As an advocate of interfaith dialogue, particularly between Christians and Muslims, I’m often faced with the issue of conversion. People ask me, “If you admire Prophet Muhammad so much, why don’t you convert to Islam? Why don’t you accept him as “the seal”? I see these questions popping up on my Twitter and Facebook feeds more than you might imagine.

Basically, me admiring Prophet Muhammad isn’t “enough” for Muslims; in their eyes, I must take a few concrete steps towards Islam to be fully recognized as a “true believer.” Otherwise, I’m just a weirdo Christian who respects Muhammad, but doesn’t recognize him as a “the man.” Christians, on the other hand, have called me “pseudo Catholic” and “infidel” for my positive writings about Muhammad. For these Islamophobes, I’m quite simply a heretic. There’s no way around it. Perhaps my work is irritating to Muslims and Christians because I’m…

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  1. Mohammed’s ideology in Quran destroys the whole world from east to west. He, and Saudi Arabia people and government deserve to be cursed and punished, and Quran must be banned as a book of religion in the civilized world. Only stupid people read the Quran, because they become terrorists after reading it.


    • Hi Adonia

      First thing to say is welcome to the blog and thanks for your taking the time to read the post. In response to your comment i must first challenge you to provide some examples of what you find in the Qur’an to be problematic as it is very hard to provide a cogent response otherwise.

      I think however your second point is interesting in that you conflate Saudi Arabia and Islam as is they are one and the same, this is of course untrue as Muslims hail from many different countries and boast significant contributions to the Islamic community such as in Turkey or Indonesia. In fact most Muslims are not even Arab! The Saudi monarchy is certainly worthy of criticism which no small number of people do (including other Saudis who are also Muslims).

      Your final point regarding the impact of the Qur’an on the world if i must be honest demonstrates a certain ignorance of history infact quite the opposite is true. Muslims have contributed in major ways both for example in philosophy and the sciences such as the likes of ibn Arabi and Al Ghazzali. As for scientists please read through this small list of Islamic scientists to get a sense of the immensity of their achievements and subsequent impact they have had on even modern society.


      It is important to note that such civlizations flourished as a result of the many positives affirmations from both the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad about seeking knowledge as well as reflecting on the world as ‘signs of God’ in other words these things when better understood bring us closer to God in relationship.

      Hope this helps

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    • It’s interesting that the most recent original contributor to human scientific knowledge is from only 600 years ago.


    • That should read “most recent original muslim scientific contributor….”


  2. Hi Paul

    Interfaith dialogue?? This is what we would call the ecumenical movement it seems the Islamic leaders ( some of them ) are into it…one world religion.

    Are you in agreement with that?

    It was probably two years ago that the Vatican had Muslim prayers there, what are Muslims doing praying in the Varican? I would say that was a massive compromise on both sides.

    What are your thoughts?


  3. I love the fact that Muslims are doing the interfaith thing and are inviting non-Muslims to Mecca. I myself am an Animist (The old Meccan kind). I’m absolutely thrilled by your invitation. I will leave my email below. I’m looking forward towards meeting all those different different representatives of religions in the holy city of Mecca.

    PS: I have no idea how you’ve done it. Normally, non-Muslims aren’t allowed in Mecca. It was the most racist place on earth. It was like the Sun City of South Africa. But you managed to become a Nelson Mandela. You are like Jesus… 🙂

    You are such a great interfaith leader. You get things done. Looking forward to meet you. See you in Mecca!


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