Science can ‘reaffirm belief in God’


Tue 13 Sep 2016

reblogged from Premier

TV shows exploring the natural world and science can actually make people more likely to believe in God, a new study has found.

A report published in science journal ‘Emotion’ goes against the belief held by some that you can’t believe in God and science at the same time.

Religious people that were surveyed reported feeling a sense of awe when watching science based programmes leading them to believe only God could be responsible for the world.

People of no faith said after watching science on TV they were less likely to believe the world was created through chaos and instead had come about through an ordered process.

Oxford University’s Theoretical Physics Professor, Ard Louis, is a Christian and told Premier that he wasn’t too shocked by the findings: “It’s something that you find already in the Bible, so there’s thousands of years of history of people looking at nature and sensing something about God from that. Why would that change?

“The more you dig into science, the more beautiful it is. As a Christian I interpret that sense of awe as pointing me towards the God that is behind it all but I think that’s a common response amongst scientists. My non-Christian, scientific colleagues also have an incredible sense of wonder and awe when they look at the world. It points them to something bigger than themselves at the very least”.

He added: “The way that these programmes are presented is Scientism – they present that science is the only way of achieving knowledge and that Philosophy and Theology aren’t really valid and that’s a gloss that is put on them.”

“In my own work, whatever you’re studying – from giant galaxies to the behaviour of tiny ants – there is always beauty and a sense of awe. The more you look at it the more beautiful it gets rather than the other way around.”


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